Design and analysis of plastics and polymers

Plastics and polymers are high-tech organic materials that are used in a virtually endless range of applications. Understanding the underlying structure-function relationship is the key for optimizing required functionalities or controlling the production process.

AgfaLabs has built up extensive expertise, covering both the design and the analysis of functional plastics and polymers for demanding optical, physicochemical and chemical uses and applications:

  • extrusion and coating of optical films with photo-addressable layers
  • design and production of nano-latex particles for the ThermoFuse technology
  • development of organic conductors and UV-curing technology

Plastics failure analysis, polymers testing and more

Suppliers and OEM’s rely on us for structure analysis and testing in diverse material contexts. Think troubleshooting, plastics failure analyses and polymers testing, among others.

The experienced AgfaLabs team has access to state-of-the-art instrumentation to tackle the most complex problems. Which of the following subjects relates the most to your current plastics and polymers challenge?

  • structure-function relationship of polymers and plastics in different material contexts
  • composition, especially chemistry of polymer backbone, mixtures of co-polymers, blends and composite materials, as well as use of additives
  • molecular weight distribution
  • tensile strength and mechanical properties
  • thermal properties
  • optical properties (including optical performance modelling)
  • chemical and physicochemical compatibility (including modelling)
  • film formation through UV and thermal curing
  • multiple layer thickness of composite films
  • adhesive strength

Plastics and polymers services

The following services can all be applied to plastics and polymers. Find out more:

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