Deterioration of construction material

Many products are being used in the construction industry: anodized aluminum, isolation panels, glass coatings, flooring structures, technical textiles, et cetera. Manifold are also the problems that may occur: discoloration over time, delamination issues, mechanical degradation of the material, you name it.

These phenomena are familiar to us. Throughout the years, we have gained a wealth of insight in the complex processes that deteriorate construction material.

Analyses and tests

Our materials analysis covers isolation, technical textile, flooring structures and concrete testing. We can make statements regarding the degree curing of industrial coatings, and the adhesion and abrasion of heavy duty coatings.

Accelerated weathering tests allow to predict the durability of reflective coatings with respect to optical or mechanical characteristics. Visual appearance of any material (wall decoration, flooring structures, et cetera) can be quantified and related in terms of surface roughness and intrinsic optical properties like absorption, gloss and haze, illumination and observation angles.

Chemical analysis helps you to solve problems like discoloration, bad smell or blooming.

Construction industry services

Most of our construction industry activities come down to material testing and troubleshooting & failure analysis.

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