Needs and questions answered

  • I need formulation of a promising component into a stable dispersion, coating or ink.
  • I have a working lab-coated or printed prototype and want to scale up.
  • I need special stabilizing dispersants for my formulation.
  • Which functional chemicals and additives can solve my problem?
  • I want a digital approach for my current image-forming workflow…

Material innovation and co-development

AgfaLabs is interested in partnerships to co-develop innovative products for new and/or emerging markets. In the spirit of open innovation we want to create win-win situations for both partners.

The eventual outcome is recurrent business (production, income, turnover) with shared benefits for both parties.

Typically, we prefer cooperating with partners that have complementary technologies and competences. The integrated use of these assets leads to faster product development, shorter time to market and products with more added value.

Innovation goals and applications

Joint material innovation goals are, among others:

  • identification and development/synthesis of functional chemicals
  • formulation of these chemicals into dispersions, coating solutions or inks
  • eventual deposition, patterning and/or curing of these formulations on suitable substrates to produce (semi-)finished goods

Application fields include:

  • imaging and printing
  • packaging
  • plastics and polymers
  • other specialty industries (e.g. printed electronics, photovoltaics, or membranes)

Unique expertise and dedicated resources

In joint projects, we contribute our unique AgfaLabs know-how and dedicated resources:

  • lab capacity (analytics and chemical R&D)
  • chemical design and solutions
  • sourcing and process development (upscaling)
  • production capacity (formulation and deposition, coating, printing, …)
  • engineering support (building or adapting production facilities)
  • IP support
  • business development capacity

Interested in material innovation, chemical research and development, and new business ?

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