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Hansen Solubility Parameters

Solubility problems are tackled efficiently with the Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) approach. We determine the relevant HSP for your chemicals by high throughput analytics and extend your reach to solutions for daily challenges in formulation design: dispersion stability, co-solvents with specific properties, skin permeation, etcetera.


Typical Hansen Solubility Parameters questions

Daily challenges in formulation work are often related to solubility:

• Improved solubility might be achieved by a different solvent or an additional co-solvent or solvents need to have specific properties.
• Stable dispersions of solids need the right dispersants.
• Organic coatings need to be resistant against certain solvents.
• A material should permeate or diffuse in another matrix (polymer, human skin, …).


Solubility measurement

HSP in a nutshell: one proven, powerful method for solubility measurement is the use of Hansen Solubility Parameters ( and In the Hansen solubility approach, the total cohesive energy of a liquid is divided into three separate parts, quantitatively describing the non-polar or atomic (dispersion) interactions, the permanent dipole interactions, and the hydrogen bonding (electron interchange) interactions. These 3 values provide a means of predicting whether one material will dissolve in another and form a solution.

Solubility measurement with high throughput analytics: AgfaLabs experimentally determines HSP parameters for a wide range of unknown materials: solids (fillers, pigments, etc.), polymers and complex solutions. We have implemented the multiple solution approach in a high throughput workflow, making use of a relevant subset of the original library of 88 test solutions.

The workflow comprises precise formulation, mixing and analytical measurement of solubility. The HSP parameters of the material are derived from the solubility results in up to 58 test solutions in a fast, correct and cost-efficient way.


HSP data and application

If you are already working with HSPiP, we simply deliver the HSP data in a spreadsheet that is ready to be imported to your HSPiP workbook. Apart from that, we can also help you to apply the HSP solubility data to your case and solve your solubility question.

Benefit from our experience with the Hansen Solubility Parameters for solubility measurement.

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