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  • How can I speed up my product optimization?
  • How to accelerate my formulation and testing?
  • How do I screen more compounds in a shorter time span?

Wide range of high throughput techniques

AgfaLabs has a wide range of versatile high throughput techniques, available in house or at one of our HT partners. The techniques are fit for formulation, coating and testing of materials. They either directly match the characteristics of your product right away, or we adapt them accordingly.

Formulation of library compositions is based on a dosage of liquid and powder ingredients that may cover a large range of viscosity and apply to both aqueous and organic solutions.

We apply high throughput testing and characterization on the formulation itself or its depositions (sprayings, coatings, …).

In addition, we offer combinatorial planning (design of experiments) and statistical evaluation of results (multivariate analysis).

Joint high throughput projects

In the context of joint projects, we assist you with the implementation of your own HT workflow. We have hands-on experience with:

  • streamlined commercial HT platforms (such as SIAS and HTE)
  • custom-tailored adaptation of generic robots and standard automated handlers (for the implementation of individual workflows that are easily adapted to changing needs)

Together, we can also optimize your existing HTT workflows. Because in many cases, there simply is no optimal commercial HTT solution available.

Based on your needs, we adapt or construct workflows and/or robots to tackle the bottleneck in your HT process. Image analysis, device synchronization, PLC and LabVIEW programming are frequently used.

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