Questions answered

  • How resistant are ‘materials A and B’ against weathering?
  • How is the mechanical strength (or other, e.g. scratch / abrasion resistance) of ‘my material C’ in comparison to ‘competitor material D’?
  • How sensitive does the stability of my material (against weather / mechanical stress depend on the formulation (set E1 … En, e.g. in a ‘design of experiment’)

Material testing

Material testing quantifies the product performance in a standard test environment that is specified to simulate mechanical, chemical and environmental conditions typical for storage and use cases. At AgfaLabs, several of these performance tests can be conducted in a combinatorial manner by use of high throughput techniques.

Combine material analysis with performance tests

The combination of performance tests with material failure analysis helps to understand the root cause of material failure and related that to the materials’ composition and structure.

Would you like to test the mechanical / physical / chemical stability or weatherablilty of a material or identify its degradation mode?

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