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Fine Chemicals

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Fine chemicals database and warehouse

Our chemical labs are specialized in the chemical design of functional organic molecules. Over a period of 100 years, we have built up an historical database and warehouse of more than 10.000 unique structures that can be used in different applications:

  • imaging agents
  • coating chemicals
  • photochemicals
  • specialty polymers
  • chemical building blocks

Small and large quantities of rare chemicals

Agfa-Labs gives you access to these unique structures on gram scale, with the possibility to deliver larger quantities on request.

Request a fine chemical or chemical product

Fill out our contact form  below for all your fine and rare chemical needs. And please include:

  • name of the requested chemical
  • CAS number
  • requested quantity
  • application usage
  • structure drawing

We will get back to you with information on availability and price as soon as possible.

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