Needs and questions answered

  • I have a lab scale process that needs up-scaling
  • I need to produce a chemical ingredient on a scale that is too large for my facilities
  • I need formulation of a promising component into a stable dispersion or ink.
  • I have a working lab-coated or printed prototype and want to scale up.
  • Who can provide me high speed coating and printing technology and capacity?

Chemical toll manufacturing:

Benefit from decades of research in the design of functional molecules based on an in-depth understanding of structure-activity relationships in versatile material context.

A dedicated team of experienced chemists is at your service for the development of your chemical processes, including a detailed process safety characterization.

At our production site in Heultje (Westerlo) we have established a state-of-the art chemical plant that allows us to handle chemistry in the safest and most efficient way, and with the utmost respect for the environment.

A pilot plant reactor is available for test-runs for polyester polymers.

At the Mortsel plant in Belgium we offer custom-tailored chemical design of functional dispersions and formulations, with access to pilot and production installations.

Also in Mortsel, we offer our small, economic pilot coaters for optimizing custom-made formulas. At the continuous pilot coater we can optimize the coatability at the production speed, and we can produce bigger amounts of prototype material in controlled drying conditions, comparable to production circumstances.

Finally, our highly efficient coating facilities are specialized in producing media products with aqueous or solvent based coatings with top quality.

Our coating facilities can apply multiple coating layers at one coating station, either single pass on both sides of the base or via two passes at the same side of the base, reducing production costs but resulting in a higher quality.

Looking for a toll manufacturing and/or scaling up partner? We can help you.

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