Questions answered

  • Need a flexible multipurpose plant?
  • Looking for specific reaction conditions?
  • Need to handle chemicals in the safest way with respect for the environment?

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Westerlo, we have equipment and technology to handle and produce a wide range of chemicals.

Handled chemistry

  • Fine chemistry in batch or semi-batch
  • Large number of chemical substances: solid, liquid or gas
  • Different reaction types

Available equipment

  • 70 vessels SS/GL/HC22 in various sizes 60-4000 l.
  • Standard operating temperatures from 0 °C 140 °C
  • ATEX-environment.
  • Nitrogen blanketing
Specific equipment
  • High pressure vessel @20 bars
  • Pilot plant for low temperature reactions at -15 °C.
  • Handling intermediates (solids/liquids) under strictly controlled conditions (Reach-SCC).
  • Fractionation columns
  • Distillation up to 240 °C @400 l scale
  • Sulzer-type structured columns
Filtration and drying
  • Centrifuges (SS)
  • Pressure filters and filter dryers (Hastelloy, Stainless Steel)
  • Conical vacuum dryers 100 l 3000 l
  • On-site QC laboratory (GC, HPLC, UPLC, UV-VIS, …)
  • Specialised analytical tools via Agfalabs-Mortsel

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