Patent infringement analyses and litigation research

Intellectual property has become very important in modern industry. At Agfa, we are experiencing ourselves that continuous efforts are needed to expand our own patent portfolio and to defend it at the same time.

Along the way, we have gained extensive experience in (sometimes very complex) patent litigation research. Thanks to our analytical competences, AgfaLabs has been able to build strong dossiers for internal and external customers.

Regularly, sealed samples are delivered to us by judicial officers, with the request to compare products with respect to their chemical composition. Based on the analysis results, it can be concluded whether counterfeiting or patent infringement has taken place or not.

In some cases, AgfaLabs’ assistance is sought to clear forensic issues. Both chemical and physicochemical analyses can help to close a case.

Scientific expertise in insurance claims

With the big and busy Antwerp harbor in our backyard, it is not unusual that our analytical assistance is requested for all sorts of insurance claims. Is a particular contamination caused by fire, by spills or by improper storage conditions? Can a particular discoloration prove the cause of contamination?

AgfaLabs assists in resolving these insurance claim disputes. Our analytical experts provide claims evaluations when scientific expertise is needed. We take care of chemical analyses, contaminant identification, materials identification and failure analysis. Such litigation research can also take the form of a patent infringement analysis.

Insurance and litigation services

Feel free to take a closer look at our most requested services when it comes to insurance claims, litigation cases and patent infringements:

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