Industrial imaging and printing expertise

You’ve just stumbled upon decades of experience in industrial imaging and printing applications. This is why we’re able to provide you with a fast and goal-oriented answer to any material and system design question.

For example, we’re well acquainted with both classical and digital printing technologies (screen, offset, gravure, inkjet), based on aqueous, solvent or UV-curable inks. The same thing goes for virtually all kinds of applications, ranging from conventional and digital printing of text or images to the fabrication of 2D or 3D structures on micron scale or electronic applications.

Over the years, we have also been exposed to a wide range of substrates and use conditions. Think you can challenge us with new, unique conditions? Let’s find out.

Imaging and printing analysis

An AgfaLabs imaging and printing analysis can be molded to your needs:

  • analytical support in troubleshooting or for litigation cases
  • deformulation of imaging and printing materials
  • benchmark of imaging and printing materials and technologies

We also love to team up our printing and imaging expertise with your technological skills in innovative joint projects. Just talk to us.

Imaging and printing services

Below, you’ll find the imaging and printing services we are carrying out most often:

Take a look at these services or contact us right away.

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