for obsolete pigment (case 19)


Can you find a new pigment supplier?

A customer faced the discontinuation of a certain pigment from its supplier after rationalization of their product portfolio. The customer urgently needed a new pigment supplier.


Worldwide pigment database

The sourcing team of AgfaLabs started a standard search for alternative sourcing of the pigment, making use of Agfa’s worldwide sourcing pigment database. However, it turned out that the pigment was no longer commercially available.

In a next step, the sourcing experts started over. They linked the chemical structure of the pigment to the capabilities of various companies known to have facilities for the production of these types of compounds.


Pigment supplier found in China

A company in China was identified and contacted. They were interested in producing the required pigment. In the end, the customer had found a replacement pigment supplier for a very reasonable price.

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