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Can I identify the evolved gases when gradually heating a sample ?

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) directly measures weight change of a material as it is heated over a temperature range in a controlled atmosphere. Evolved gas products are generally the result of decomposition, but can also evolve from desorption, evaporation or chemical reactions.


Online FTIR or MS with HiRES-TGA

Evolved gas analysis (EGA) is typically performed by interfacing a mass spectrometer (MS) or Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) to the exit port of the TGA furnace.

See AgfaLabs’ TGA 5500 thermogravimetric analyzer with FTIR EGA.


Evolved Gas Analysis of Aluminum Carbide Slurry with TGA-FTIR

An aluminium carbide slurry in water dissociates in function of temperature. After the initial evaporation of water, starting at 80C, a release of methane is observed at 120C.

The amount of water and carbide can be derived from the gravimetric data.

Want to analyse evolved gasses during thermogravimetric analysis ?

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