ink formulation (case 11)


Faster and cheaper development of ink

In order to reduce the cost and time-to-market of ink development, the approach of high throughput ink formulation was requested during the early discovery phase. Our HTT group was asked to prepare ca. 200 different ink formulations.

The variations were provided in a spreadsheet list. In addition to formulation, some basic physico-chemical parameters needed to be screened as well. The goal was to narrow down the number of promising ink compositions that should enter the next steps of a more complete characterization.


High throughput ink formulation

The large set of inks with multi-dimensional compositional variation was rapidly formulated on small scale using our automated powder and liquid dosing robots. In a second step, surface tension and viscosity screening robots were employed to characterize the basic physico-chemical properties.


Identification of high-potential ink compositions

Plots of viscosity and surface tension vs. compositional parameters identified the promising candidate ink formulations, on which further characterization could be focused. The useful ink compositions could be found 10 times faster (and cheaper) as compared to traditional experimental approaches.

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