The Agfa-Gevaert Group is active in the field of information, printing, communication, healthcare and safety with analog and digital imaging and information systems. For Agfa, high product quality, integral environmental protection, the highest safety standards and optimal economical profitability are of equal importance when realizing the company targets.

Our main objective is preserving the continuity of the company. To this aim competitive performance based on sufficient profitability is a primary condition. An 'integrated quality culture', focusing on the continuous pursuit of control and enhancement is the most efficient way to reach these goals.

This requires:

Being customer-oriented
Agfa strives to be the partner of choice for its clients in their search for competitive solutions.

Employee satisfaction
Agfa wants an open company culture that can fascinate people, that builds commitment and competencies and that motivates its employees to participate in building a better and ever-changing company. Communication in both directions and mutual trust are vital.

System efficiency
Agfa's operational systems and care system have to enable the company to optimally streamline the activities and to create the channels that are necessary to cooperate efficiently and to strive for further improvement.

Technological renewal
Through constant renewal and by anticipating on new technologies, we want to consolidate Agfa's leading role in the imaging industry and to considerably influence the key markets in which we operate.

A leading role in today's society
Agfa's products help to improve the quality of life. Therefore they are designed, developed and manufactured in such a way that the production process, the storage, the transport and the use of products, as well as the waste treatment at the end of the life cycle can be done in a safe way and have minimal impact on the environment.

Agfa plays a leading role in protecting the health and safety of its employees and preserving the environment. Agfa is committed to systematically developing safe and environmentally acceptable products and production processes, to conserve natural resources, operate its facilities safely and minimize the impact of its activities and products on the environment.

Agfa provides its customers, employees and the authorities with all necessary information about its products and production processes in order to enable them to form an opinion regarding safety, health and environmental issues.

Agfa does not restrict its safety, health and environmental efforts to merely complying with legal requirements. On its own initiative, Agfa also takes further steps based on its proper sense of responsibility. It endorses the 'Responsible Care' initiative, which is a self-imposed commitment of the chemical industry.

'Responsible Care' implies that Agfa takes full responsibility to critically evaluate the safety and environmental impact of its products during the entire life cycle of these products. Furthermore Agfa is committed to strive for further improvements, based on the company's own sense of responsibility.

Our credo is: to do everything right from the start in an open management culture. This enables us to consolidate and further strengthen our position as a leading company worldwide.