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What happened to the Agfa VVPR Strips (ISIN code BE0005638128)?2017-02-01T09:02:55+01:00

In December 2015, the Board of Directors of the Agfa-Gevaert Group decided to cancel the VVPR Strips, which were linked to shares issued by Agfa-Gevaert NV. The company requested Euroclear to remove the VVPR Strips from their registers. These VVPR Strips used to give shareholders the right to enjoy lower withholding taxes on dividends. This fiscal advantage disappeared following a decision made by the Belgian authorities at the end of 2012. As a result, these VVPR Strips have become without any value or object and are no longer tradable.

When does a shareholder have to declare his shareholding in Agfa-Gevaert NV (transparency declaration)?2017-02-01T09:02:30+01:00

According to the Belgian legislation (law of May 2nd, 2007 and Royal Decree of February 14, 2008 – “Wet en Koninklijk Besluit op de openbaarmaking van belangrijke deelnemingen in ter beurze genoteerde vennootschappen”) a shareholder that directly or indirectly (= together with affiliated persons the shareholder acts in concert with) acquires or disposes, actively or as a consequence of an external event changing the voting rights) of voting financial instruments of a company and hereby reaches, exceeds or falls below a treshold of 5% (or a multiple of 5%) of the denominator has to disclose this to the FSMA (both per email to and per fax to Mr. G. Delaere at fax number +32 2 220 54 52) and to the company (per email to as soon as possible but no later than 4 business days following the relevant acquisition or disposal. It is recommended to use the specific forms issued by the FSMA for this purpose. These documents are available on the FSMA website or can be obtained through Agfa-Gevaert NV. In addition the corporate bylaws (see Corporate Governance section) of Agfa-Gevaert NV have specified that reaching, exceeding or falling below the initial threshold of 3% of the denominator must also be disclosed in the same way as described above.

Where can I find Agfa’s annual report and quarterly publications?2017-02-01T09:02:10+01:00

You can download Agfa’s annual report and all quarterly publications from the Investor Relations website.

What should I do to receive your press releases and other relevant info by e-mail?2017-02-01T09:01:47+01:00

To receive Agfa’s press releases by e-mail or to receive an e-mail alert when an update of Agfa’s online investor information click on the Mailing List & Email Alerts link in the navigation.

Are options and warrants traded on Agfa stock?2017-02-01T09:01:28+01:00

Yes, options and warrants are issued by several financial institutions and traded on Euronext.

Did Agfa issue American Depository Receipts?2017-02-01T09:01:09+01:00

No, there are no ADR’s. American investors can buy and sell Agfa stock through brokers.

Where is Agfa listed?2017-02-01T09:00:52+01:00

Agfa’s shares are traded in Europe, i.e. in Brussels (Belgium). The Brussels’ stock exchange is part of Euronext and Agfa is one of the Belgian companies included in the Euronext 100 index. Agfa is also a constituent of the FTSE4GOOD index.

When does Agfa publish its results?2017-02-01T09:00:33+01:00

Agfa publishes quarterly results. Our financial calendar can be found on this website: see our financial calendar section.

Can a non-resident tax payer obtain a reimbursement of the 27 % Belgian withholding tax on Agfa’s dividends?2017-02-01T09:04:25+01:00

Yes, all non-resident beneficiaries of dividends from Belgian sources can claim a reduction of the withholding tax at the source or a refund of part of the 27% tax prepayment, when they reside in a state with which Belgium has signed a tax convention allowing reduction of withholding tax on dividends.

As a shareholder of Agfa-Gevaert, will I receive an invitation to the next general assembly of shareholders?2024-04-17T10:01:42+02:00

Most of Agfa’s shares are dematerialized shares, meaning that individual shareholders are not known to the company. A general invitation to all shareholders is extended through a press advertisement on (website of the Belgian newspaper De Tijd) and in the Belgian Official Journal at least thirty days before the assembly takes place. This information will also be available on our internet site.

What is Agfa’s dividend policy?2017-02-01T08:59:41+01:00

The Board of Directors’ proposals to the General Meeting of Shareholders with regard to the allocation and distribution of the result take into consideration several factors, such as the Company’s financial situation, the operating results, the current and expected cash flows and the plans for expansion.

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