Target: reduce by 50% the accidents with one day lost by 2025
Growth mindset: a key tool for professional performance
Female recruitment intake reaching +5% of the women market representation

People are the engine of everything we do and, therefore, employees’ success is Agfa’s success. Providing a safe, caring, inspiring and inclusive work environment is key to grow in a sustainable way.

Safety and Health

To drive the achievement of this goal, we have set some targets for 2025:

  • To reduce by 50% the number of accidents with one day lost (baseline 2019)
  • To reach +5% of the women market representation in our male recruitment intake

The achievement of these targets is supported by our internal policies, which guide us
in the day-to-day, and by our culture, which is founded on these pillars.

Safety and Health

The different activities around Safety and Health management are built on the basis of our corporate Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) policy. The starting point of its implementation is full compliance with all the relevant legislation. This is complemented by additional measures, tailored on each plant needs, e.g. observation rounds, safety training, international third party certifications …

Safety goes beyond the perimeter of our plants. This is why we take full responsibility for our products and services across our value chain and beyond. Products are designed ensuring the safety in all phases of their use, including transport, customer use, as well as the disposal phase.

One example of this commitment is given by our strict policy on the use of chemical substances with carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) properties.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We work hard to create an environment that is inspiring and inclusive, with equal opportunities to thrive and grow. The basis to achieve this is the creation of a climate of trust, tolerance, openness and a sense of belonging and connection. This, however, can mean something different for each person. This is why, on top of setting quantitative targets, we devote efforts to equally important aspects of DEI, such as increase teams’ awareness, organize training and check ins about people’s perception.

The objectives regarding DEI and, more in general, our strategy for continuous development of employees are built on the basis of our Corporate Governance Charter.

Read the sustainability chapters in our annual report: here.