Agfa’s operational activities are incorporated in the Business Groups Agfa Graphics, Agfa HealthCare, and Agfa Specialty Products. This structure creates various synergetic effects, which enhance the efficiency of both sales and R&D. Each entity deals with a specific type of customer. In this way, our customers fully benefit from the technical expertise and the practical experience of our employees.

Agfa Graphics

Agfa Graphics provides commercial, newspaper and packaging printers with the most extensive range of integrated prepress solutions, from complete computer-to-plate systems and printing plates to color management, workflow automation and security design software.

Agfa Graphics also supplies a wide range of wide-format printing solutions to sign & display companies. Agfa’s print engines combine high speed with exceptional print quality and are part of a complete system including dedicated inks as well as workflow automation software.

Enabling manufacturers to integrate print into their production processes, Agfa Graphics also develops and manufactures high-performance inks and fluids for various Industrial inket printing applications.

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Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions for hospitals and care centers around the world.

The business group is a major player on the diagnostic imaging market, providing analog and digital technology, as well as IT solutions to meet the needs of specialized clinicians. The business group is also a key player on the healthcare information solutions market, integrating the administrative, financial and clinical workflows of individual hospitals and hospital groups.

Today, care organizations in over 100 countries rely on Agfa HealthCare’s leading technologies, solutions and services to optimize their efficiency and improve patient care.

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Agfa Specialty Products

Agfa Specialty Products develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of products. Its customers are large business-to-business companies in niche industry markets.

On the one hand, the business group produces classic film-based products, such as film for non-destructive testing and aerial photography, as well as microfilm and film for the production of printed circuit boards.

On the other hand, Agfa Specialty Products targets promising growth markets with innovative solutions. This portfolio includes conductive polymers, materials for the production of high-security ID documents, membranes for hydrogen production and synthetic papers that show increasing market acceptance.

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