Agfa’s operational activities are incorporated in the divisions Offset Solutions, Digital Print & Chemicals, Radiology Solutions and HealthCare IT.  Each division deals with a specific type of customer. In this way, our customers fully benefit from the technical expertise and the practical experience of our employees.

Offset Solutions

Agfa is a leading supplier to the printing industry, offering innovative and reliable solutions.  Commercial, newspaper and packaging printers around the globe rely on Agfa for the most extensive range of integrated solutions, from computer-to-plate systems with digital offset plates over color management and workflow optimization software to pressroom chemicals. Agfa’s sustainable innovations offer printing companies benefits in terms of ecology, economy, and extra convenience – or ECO³.

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Radiology Solutions

Agfa supplies radiology departments of hospitals all over the world with traditional X-ray film, hardcopy film and printers, digital radiography equipment and image processing software. Agfa’s roots are in traditional medical imaging, but in today’s healthcare market, digital radiography has become the dominant technology.

All Agfa’s digital radiography systems are offered with the company’s leading MUSICA image processing software and its MUSICA workstation for image identification, acquisition and quality control.

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Digital Print & Chemicals

Agfa supplies sign & display printing companies with a range of highly productive and versatile wide-format inkjet printers and dedicated inks, in addition to workflow software, cutting machines and inkjet media. Agfa develops high-performance inkjet inks & fluids for various industrial inkjet printing systems and applications, enabling industrial manufacturers to integrate print into their existing production processes.

Agfa produces classic film-based products, such as film for non-destructive testing and aerial photography, as well as microfilm and film for the production of printed circuit boards. Furthermore, Agfa targets promising growth markets with innovative solutions, such as conductive polymers, materials for the production of high-security ID documents,  membranes for hydrogen production and synthetic papers.

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HealthCare IT

Imaging IT Solutions: Agfa HealthCare’s imaging IT solutions equal reliability and efficiency for care providers around the world. The Enterprise Imaging platform creates a true imaging record for every patient, containing all possible images of the patient, regardless of the department and the facility that created them. As it makes images and related data instantly accessible throughout the hospital, the care organization, or even all care facilities included in a regional network, the Enterprise Imaging platform speeds up overall diagnosis and enhances patient care.

Hospital IT Solutions: Agfa HealthCare’s leading Hospital Information System /Clinical Information System ORBIS, connects medical departments and administrative departments of hospitals into one virtual network. It offers immediate and complete access to all relevant patient information – including medical images, and clinical and administrative data – enabling quicker diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, it supports administration, billing, planning of appointments and examinations, as well as financial reporting.
Agfa Healthcare’s Enterprise  Content Management solution enables hospitals and care facilities of all sizes to integrate all their paper- based and electronic documentation, creating a complete digital archive of patient records.

Integrated Care Solutions: Agfa HealthCare has taken strategic steps to enter the Integrated Care market.  Integrated Care is generally regarded as a key element in the efforts to keep healthcare systems sustainable. Integrated Care solutions support collaboration across the borders of care organizations and medical disciplines. They enable hospitals to actively engage with all stakeholders in the expanded care process, including  physicians, informal care-givers and patients.

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