SpeedSet Orca 1060

High-speed sheet-fed water-based inkjet printer for the packaging market

Are you a packaging converter seeking a cost-effective way to print short runs of packaging?
Then get ready to print at killer speeds and dive into a whole new world of options!


Nine reasons to choose the SpeedSet Orca


The SpeedSet Orca 1060 boasts an impressive speed of up to 11,000 B1 sheets per hour, making it the fastest digital press for packaging available.

Unbeatable speed to market

With digital printing’s ‘right first time’ advantage, startup is swift, and job switching is effortless. This quick turnaround supports on-demand printing and is great for getting diverse packaging designs to the shelf in no time.

Offset-like print quality

With a resolution of 1200 dpi, the SpeedSet Orca delivers sharp text. It also delivers an extensive color gamut that meets industry standards.


SpeedSet Orca printing offers significant cost advantages over offset printing. It boasts shorter setup times, reduced material waste, and efficient variable data printing, while it needs no color separation and incurs lower maintenance expenses. The SpeedSet Orca can print all runs up to about 5000 cheaper, allowing you to focus your offset litho operations on longer print runs, thus making it more efficient.

Extensive media range

This press accommodates a wide range of substrates, from folding carton and micro-flute to various paper types, making it suitable for applications like retail- or shelf-ready food and beverage packaging. The substrate thickness ranges from a 0.2 mm paper to a 2 mm microflute, offering versatility for various applications and requirements. The patented conveyor vacuum system effortlessly handles diverse materials, pushing productivity to new heights.

Low ink consumption

The digital application of the water-based primer with a very low wet thickness enhances image quality, expands the color gamut, and decreases ink consumption. This not only leads to cost savings, but also reduces environmental impact. Digital printing of both primer and varnish allows for selective application only where needed.


A fully digital solution enables you to customize or personalize each individual print, facilitating product differentiation.


The SpeedSet Orca uses Agfa’s water-based pigment inks, primer and varnish that are environmentally friendly, safe for press operators, and comply with food-safety regulations. Adding to the sustainability credits is the fact that a digital press lets you start print jobs without wasting consumables or media.

Powered by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software

Agfa’s Asanti workflow software enhances operational efficiency, and seamlessly interfaces with ERP and MIS systems, streamlining your entire print production workflow.

B1 sheets per hour
Cross-over with offset
Meter per minute
Thickness (in mm)

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Making waves with the SpeedSet Orca 1060’s outstanding features


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Head of Packaging Matt Brooks takes you on a tour of the SpeedSet Orca 1060 press


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Product Manager Packaging Rita Torfs summarizes the press’s features & benefits


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Operator console
Ink farm
Digital varnish bars
Digital primer bar
Digital pigment ink bars
Steel vacuum conveyor
Infrared dryer
Hot air dryer
Sample/Rejection station

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Questions? Contact Matthew Brooks, Head of Packaging Agfa, or Rita Torfs, Product Manager Packaging Agfa