Sign & Display producers need streamlined, automated print production processes that deliver nothing less than sublime prints and peace of mind. Enter Asanti – advanced yet easy-to-use workflow software for wide-format printing.

Asanti is a complete, automated Sign & Display production hub featuring Agfa’s award-winning color management technology, powered by the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). It boasts fast, automatic PDF pre-flighting and advanced functionalities (e.g. nesting and tiling) for various applications (e.g. banners, displays, see-through prints).

Streamline your workflow with Asanti and you’ll minimize manual interventions, avoid errors, obtain better print quality, limit printer idle time, and reduce waste.

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  • A single tool with an intuitive user interface to manage all your print data and devices, Agfa or not
  • Built-in color management for consistent color quality and reproduction with minimal effort
  • Automatic pre-flighting, PDF checking and managing of your entire printing process
  • Integrated solution for increased productivity including reliable, predictable and high-quality output
  • Integration with Asanti StoreFront web-to-print, PrintSphere data management and PrintTune standardization software
  • Powered by the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)

Subscription packages

Asanti comes in three different subscription models, with a predictable flat fee, immediate access to all software updates, and guaranteed smooth operations at any time. Choose the appropriate plan according to your needs, and complement it with dedicated options.

Asanti Core

Covers the fundamentals required for a single small device

  • Preflight (basic)
  • Production dashboard
  • Advanced color management
  • Pantone library
  • Pdf-based link to cutting devices
  • Tiling


  • See-through
  • Performance pack


  • Max 2 devices
  • Max 3.3 m width

Device links to be ordered depending on your equipment and needs

Asanti Advanced

Advanced automation capabilities for mid-sized operations

= all functionality of Asanti Core

  • Automatic media optimization
  • Template-based production
  • Automatic job layout and positioning
  • Custom Calibrated Printing Mode
  • Image AutoCollect
  • Automatic true shape nesting
  • Additional clients


= all options of Asanti Core

  • Finishing link
  • XML to JDF link


  • Max 4 devices
  • Unlimited width

Device links to be ordered depending on your equipment and needs

Asanti Expert

For larger companies driving roll-to-roll printers and  Jeti Tauro devices, handling higher volumes

= all functionality of Asanti Advanced

  • Optimized screening for Jeti Tauro printers
  • Automatic front/back on Jeti Tauro
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Profile editing


= all options of Asanti Advanced

  • Automate Task processor
  • Packaging pack
  • Hardcopy proofing
  • Seamless step and repeat


  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Unlimited width

Device links to be ordered depending on your equipment and needs


Asanti Core – Quality from the start

Asanti Core offers print service providers a powerful package which includes Agfa’s advanced color management and Asanti Preflight. It also features a web-based production dashboard which reports on all your jobs, including media and ink consumption for devices supporting consumption feedback, like Anapurna, Oberon, Avinci and Jeti Tauro.

Automate with Asanti Advanced and Expert

Asanti optimizes your production through powerful pre-flighting (Asanti Preflight) and automation tools like nesting, tiling, media optimization, parameter presets, and smart DQS (Digital Quick Strip) possibilities.

File intake can be automated through Asanti StoreFront and PrintSphere, making it possible to integrate your print production with pre-processing and web-based tools.

Image AutoCollect automatically gathers incoming images for a specific press or substrate and nests them optimally, taking copy count and bleed into account – thus minimizing waste. In addition, the Asanti Automate Task Processor provides flexibility for collecting Hot Tickets by defining various processing rules.

Those automation features are available for the Asanti Advanced and Asanti Expert subscription packs.

Color management

Guaranteeing color consistency and reproduction, Agfa’s intelligent and award-winning color management solution was developed to offer print producers outstanding print quality. It features, for example, calibrated print modes, spot color conversion based on Pantone libraries, and patented technology of regularized profiles that ensures smooth vignettes. Asanti’s integrated color management wizard supports the G7 method to achieve visually accurate colors.


Asanti’s integrates with other software tools, ERPs, MIS and third-party print production systems through the JDF/JMF protocol. Asanti XML further simplifies the integration and offers a stripped-down integration tool for companies needing to include print production management and control within their own applications, like custom web-to-print systems.

Intuitive user interface & production overview dashboard

Asanti’s easy-to-use and intuitive GUI features improve job layout and positioning visualization; operators can see exactly what they are printing and have easy access to key print parameters to make sure last-minute changes are swiftly applied. The tiling function enables you to organize highly complex projects in a simple way. It even adds instructions for the installation of the printed work.

Production dashboard

Asanti’s production dashboard is a smart browser-based reporting tool that displays all print jobs, reports on the number of prints, the status of multiple engines, ink levels, elapsed time and more. It interfaces with your accounting tools and will enable you to fine-tune quotes and focus on high-margin print products.

Support for packaging

Embedded in the Asanti interface is all functionality required to prepare and process packaging jobs on your digital printer. Asanti imports and manages cut lines, and automatically snags the images to the right position delimited by the lines provided in the CAD/CAM file. It lets the operator resolve any potential bleed overlap and work out line types for structural and technical processing like dimensions, annotations, foils, glue, varnish…

The package is available as an option on the Asanti Expert package.

Image optimization

Asanti allows you to automatically analyze and improve image quality thanks to the integration of Agfa’s IntelliTune. This truly unique image optimization software not only eliminates noise, staircasing and blurriness, it also optimizes skin tones based on extensive research and analysis.

G7 Certificate

The latest version of our Asanti software recently obtained the G7® certificate from the Idealliance industry association for print and packaging. G7® is a set of specifications for achieving visual similarity across all print processes or substrates.

Adobe Solution Partner

Asanti’s integration of the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) allows for high levels of freedom and creativity. It automatically generates PDF master files and drives device-dependent processes, ensuring end-to-end consistency.
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Asanti Network

Discover a wealth of knowledge on AsantiNetwork, the official online community for Asanti users.
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Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnershipAgfa has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for decades, evidence of our competency in ISV/Software Solutions, expertise and impact on the technology marketplace.
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