Orgacon™ Inks

Orgacon Nanosilver Inks NEW !

Based on Agfa proprietary nanoparticle synthesis and extensive ink formulation know-how, these inks offers among the highest volume conductivities at low curing temperatures, thus minimizing the amount of ink needed to obtain a target conductivity. The ink supports high-resolution printing, allowing the reduction of line widths and spaces for high density interconnects and applications where space is limited. Thermoformability of the printed tracks is also possible. Typical applications are printed antennas and sensors.

  • Orgacon Nanosilver Screen Printing Ink SI-P1000X - datasheet pdf (162 KB) - leaflet pdf (1.8 MB)
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Orgacon PEDOT/PSS Screen Printing Inks

Orgacon screen-printable inks are based on conductive polymer PEDOT/PSS and enable patterning of transparent conductive structures from plain down to resolution of 100 microns on flexible and rigid substrates such as PET, PC, PMMA, PI, and glass. Orgacon EL-P inks can achieve excellent characteristics such as flexibility and formability for electrodes of electroluminescent lamps, capacitive touch sensors, and membrane switches.

  • Orgacon Screen Printing Inks - datasheet pdf (158 KB)

Orgacon Inkjet Ink

Watch movie about thermoforming Orgacon Inks (Courtesy of Niebling)