Aviphot Color & Aviphot Chrome

Aviphot Color X400 PE1: Panchromatic negative maskless color film with high color saturation, designed for aerial photography from low to medium altitudes. It is also suitable for industrial applications requiring a high speed film whereby images are scanned from the film . This film gives excellent definition and lower granularity than a masked film with the same photographic speed. "Phase Out"

Technical datasheet pdf (214 KB)

Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1 (Discontinued): Panchromatic color reversal film, rendeirng a sharp, low grain positive image with natural colors and very good color saturation. Suitable for low to medium altitude flying.

Technical datasheet pdf (175 KB)

Aviphot Color X100 PE1 (Discontinued): Color negative film without color mask for low, medium and high altitude flights. Suitable for electronic image scanning for the reproduction of clean and saturated colors without additional color correction.