Antistatic application


ElectroStatic Discharge/Dissipative (ESD) packaging is intended for protecting electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena on top of protecting against standard physical damage. While physical damage to products can be avoided with the right selection of packaging materials and design, damage by electrostatic hazard can be prevented only with conductive materials. Agfa’s PEDOT:PSS-based ORGACON formulations of transparent conductive polymer are used for coating a thin conductive layer on packaging raw materials such as thermos-formable PET or PE foils used for making trays.

The coating can be applied inline during the foil extrusion or offline. The soft touch stretchable ORGACON layer will provide the packaging with the surface resistivity that is required to eliminate the risk of electrostatic hazard generated by direct discharge, triboelectric charge or due to electrostatic fields. It will immediately capture and dissipate to the ground any harmful electrostatic charge and safeguard the product.

Agfa’s ESD protective formulations can be applied offline or inline during the extrusion of packaging film materials such as polyester (PET) and polystyrene (PS). Using Agfa’s transparent PEDOT:PSS offers the great benefit that the package does not need to be opened for visual inspection.


ORGACON ASI for inline coating
ORGACON ICP water-based dispersions
ORGACON DRY pellets for re-dispersion
ORGACON S300 PFF high transparency coatings