Antistatic application


Agfa’s ORGACON transparent electronic conductive polymer can be coated on foils to avoid electrostatic problems like dust attraction, transport problems or electrostatic discharges.
Being an electronic conductor, it works independent from relative humidity which is not the case with ionic conductive systems.

ASI-formulations are developed for in-line coating, before TD-stretching on BOPET. ICP-dispersions are PEDOT-PSS-based starting products still to be formulated by our customers. The product range goes from antistatic to conductive grades.
DRY is a PEDOT-PSS pellet which can be re-dispersed in polar solvents, interesting when no water is allowed in the system.


ORGACON ASI for inline coating
ORGACON ICP water-based dispersions
ORGACON DRY pellets for re-dispersion
ORGACON S300 PFF high transparency coatings