Asanti StoreFront

Make it easy for customers to upload files and order large format prints. Streamline order fulfillment and improve customer retention. Reduce costs and improve time-to-market.

print buyers across the world

Stop creating the same type of quotes every day. Stop searching for the files that your customer uploaded somewhere and stop wasting time on the phone. Asanti StoreFront makes it easy for your customers in retail, services, event management or other industries to order products online. Create an easy to use portal in which agencies, designers or resellers can place orders, whenever they want and from wherever they are.

Asanti StoreFront streamlines your order intake and extends your customer service.

Example of a large format web2print store

You don’t need HTML know-how or scripting skills to set up stores with Asanti StoreFront. Let us take care of system maintenance and security while you focus on your core business: satisfied customers who keep coming back with new orders

Simply the ordering process and offer a 24/7 service to your customers.

Asanti Produciton prepress workflow

Print jobs are exported to FTP or your network. When used in conjunction with an Asanti Production workflow, the orders are automatically downloaded and queued for production. Prepress operators remain in control and can still step-and-repeat POP orders, tile banners or add grommet marks, if needed.

The integration saves operator time and allows you to centralize production for multiple printers.

sign and display production

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We have been using it for two years now and the results show both in sales and in expanding the number of customers aware of our solutions.

Hilton Lucas - ePrintHilton Lucas, ePrint – Cajamar, Brazil

StoreFront 3.0 is great for one of our automotive industry customers. The store that we built for them contains about 250 products in over 20 categories, ranging from brochures and newsletters to stock photos and videos.

René JørgensenRené M. Jørgensen, Kailow – Rødovre, Denmark

Who is Asanti StoreFront for?

It is for Alyssa

  • Designer at Blast!, a creative agency
  • Asanti StoreFront makes it easy for Alyssa to upload her designs and have posters, banners and signage delivered directly to her customers.

Many printers using Asanti StoreFront offer white-label shipping. They use neutral packaging so that the people receiving prints think it is their creative agency or print broker who sent the shipment.

It is for Ellen

  • Coordinator at TenToTwelve, an event agency
  • Last minute changes are the bane of Ellen’s life. Late night file uploads and rush shipping are her saviors.

When deadlines are tight, unforeseen last-minute issues must be avoided at all cost. StoreFront has a live preflight function that checks image resolution dynamically, while Ellen rescales her uploaded artwork. Missing fonts or bleed also are checked but StoreFront does not bother customers with obscure checks that might scare them away.

It is for Chris

  • CEO of Blue Cat, a large format printing company.
  • His cleverly designed Asanti StoreFront shop handles all the standard jobs from Blast!, TenToTwelve and hundreds of other agencies and print brokers.

One of the key advantages of StoreFront is that it frees Chris and his sales people from continuously e-mailing quotes to customers. They can focus on the one-off jobs that have better margins and that allow Blue Cat to distinguish itself from competitors.

print buyer ellen
CEO printing company