why web-to-print lets you take your business communication to the next level.

Create a library of print products
Web-to-print makes it easy to offer an up-to-date catalog of print products. New stationery, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, or displays are instantly available. It resolves the issue that 84% of marketers have already experienced: distributing outdated marketing materials because of slow or inaccurate internal supply chains.

Order print anytime and anywhere
Over 85% of the people with internet access have experience with on-line purchases*. They increasingly expect the same tools to be available in their work environment. Web-to-print gives them those possibilities, regardless of their location or time zone.
* Nielsen study 2010

Streamline the purchasing process
A web-to-print system improves end-to-end visibility by providing its users with a uniform way of ordering print and managing delivery. It reduces the amount of people and steps that are involved in obtaining print material. The result is shorter time from concept to marketplace.

Make it easy to customize print
An Online Editor enables users to design and edit their own documents while maintaining brand guidelines. Occasional users will appreciate the easy-to-use forms that allow them to personalize cards, letterhead or posters. Power users will like the advanced editing capabilities for creating visually-rich, multi-page publications.

Effortless repeat orders
Web-to-print users can see their purchase history and reorder print with just a few mouse clicks. They can even reorder personalized documents and do some last-minute changes, if needed. This saves time and avoids double data entry.

Implement an order approval cycle
You can configure that all orders have to be approved before they are forwarded to the print service provider. An e-mail can inform you about pending orders requiring approval. This allows you to monitor spending and validate the content of personalized documents.

Keep track of order fulfillment
Users can check the status of pending orders at any point in time. They get an e-mail confirmation of each order, a notification when it ships and the option to track delivery by services like UPS, FedEx or DHL. This avoids time-consuming phone calls and interruptions.

Monitor costs
Administrators can view sales graphs online or export an Excel spreadsheet which provides data about all the orders for a specific time frame. This makes it easy to monitor the effective use of print.


Agfa has two solutions for your web-to-print projects

Apogee StoreFront

Web-to-print platform for commercial printers
Seamless integration with Apogee Prepress

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Asanti StoreFront

E-commerce  for the sign & display market
Process orders automatically with Asanti

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Four key advantages of Agfa’s ecommerce solutions


Cloud based
 No need to invest in hardware and bandwidth or worry about online security. You always have the latest version at your disposal.

online document editor

Integrated Online Editor
Print buyers can design and edit their own documents while maintaining brand guidelines.

easy to use

Easy to use
StoreFront stores are visually attractive and easy to navigate, essential for increasing the adoption rate of B2B stores.

system integration

Workflow & MIS integration
Orders can automatically be download and processed. This saves time and avoids double data entry.