Leg Length Discrepancy Measurement

$Date: 2005/05/03 20:20:38 $ by Jos De Roo of AGFA

a Computed Radiagraphy (CR) image with measument points p1, p2, p3 and p4

in lldmD we have those 4 measurement points described in N3

in lldmP we have the measurement model also described in N3 and the derivation patterns that can be made as well and we call that premises and they basically describe true models

in lldmQ is a typical problem description that one would want to be proved: is there a LLDAlarm situation here?

in lldmE we find the proof evidence for that as found by our Euler proof mechanism

in lldmT we have similar derivations made by Tim Berners-Lee's CWM engine

in lldmT2 and lldmE2 we have a second opinion based on lldmP2