The COVID epidemic has fundamentally changed our sense of hygiene and health safety. We have adopted new habits to protect the community and ourselves from the spread of infections. That is why SYNAPS XM is now improved with an agent that antagonises the settlement and growth of bacteria and viruses on its surface.

How does the protection agent work?

The coating of SYNAPS XM now includes an equally spread preservative that provides inbuilt product protection against the settlement of harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds on its surface. Its activity builds on silver ion technology, used for many years in medical, food and water applications without harmful effects. One cant’ see, smell or even taste it.

The active agent binds to the cell wall of the bacteria or virus to disrupt its growth.

The silver ions interfere with the cell’s enzyme production and stop it from producing energy.

The agent interrupts the cell’s DNA, which prevents replication.

How reliable is this protection?

Scientific tests have proven that SYNAPS XM will stop the settlement and growth of bacteria and viruses – even on print areas that are 100% covered with toner. In support of this statement, SYNAPS XM has been granted the ISO 20743:2013 and ISO 18184:2019 certifications, which confirm the antibacterial and antiviral activity respectively.

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