SYNAPS production waste and post-consumer trimmings are recycled to rPET (recycled polyester) which constitutes more than 15 percent of all newly made SYNAPS.

Synaps comprising 15% rPET certified by RecyClass

We have established a process in which SYNAPS pre- and post-consumer trimmings are collected and reused in the production of new SYNAPS material. With this closed loop recycling process, all SYNAPS material that is produced today constitutes at least 15 % rPET (recycled polyester).

SYNAPS was designed to preserve wood as a natural resource and uses exclusively synthetics as raw materials.

100% of the film waste that is generated during the production and finishing of SYNAPS is recycled as new raw material.

The process water used for the production and recycling of SYNAPS is 100% purified via a natural microbiological process. After purification the water is re-used in the production process.

SYNAPS contains no PVC and no plasticisers, which means a more environment friendly production process and no toxic gas when incinerated.

During the production and recycling of SYNAPS no chemical waste is generated.

Agfa’s production site where SYNAPS is manufactured and finished was awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate.

By policy Agfa attributes the same importance to environmental protection and safety as it does to product quality and operational efficiency. Also the manufacturing process of SYNAPS  is designed in such a way that its production, usage and waste treatment at the end of life have minimal impact on the environment. Agfa is committed to conserving natural resources, reducing emissions to air as well as the consumption of water and energy.

For more detail, read Agfa’s Sustainability Report led by the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards  in the 2021 Annual Report.