Sensor application


In contrast to vacuum-evaporated ITO foils where the non-conductive zones have to be etched away, an important advantage with the ORGACON transparent conductive inks is that they are only applied in one printing step where needed and no structuring is required afterwards. This additive process approach brings relevant cost advantages thanks to savings on the levels of raw material, infrastructure and time.

ORGACON transparent conductive inks can be directy printed on rigid (glass) and flexible (PET, PC) substrates and can even be thermo or high pressure formed. This enables them for use in backlighted keypads and user interface panels validated for automotive, white goods and medical applications.
One of the most prevalent touch technologies for a variety of applications is based on the Projected Capacitive technology (PCT).


ORGACON ICP water-based dispersions
ORGACON EL-P transparent screen print ink
Orgacon S300 PFF high transparency coatings
Orgacon S315 PFF high transparency coatings
Orgacon S325 PFF high transparency coatings with increased stability