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Agfa and Fujitex sign agreement for distribution of SYNAPS in Japan

The agreement covers the distribution of SYNAPS Xerographic Matt (XM) in view of the particularly strong position that Fujitex holds in the office printers and supplies market in Japan. Fujitex will bring SYNAPS XM to the Japanese market through its own offline and online direct sales channels as well as via some of their [...]


SYNAPS PS, PS for Pressure Sensitive, is the self-adhesive version of SYNAPS OM135 and adds to the features and benefits of SYNAPS OM. The high tear resistance of SYNAPS’ polyester core presents end-users with the significant advantage of allowing the eventual removal of the sheet in one piece [...]


SYNAPS production waste and post-consumer trimmings are recycled to rPET (recycled polyester) which constitutes more than 15 percent of all newly made SYNAPS. SYNAPS was designed to preserve wood as a natural resource and uses exclusively synthetics as raw materials. [...]

Promotion Items

SYNAPS FOR PROMOTIONS Fan Why SYNAPS ? Because of its rigidity and tear resistance. This great give-away for brand promotion in large crowds will keep you cool even on the hottest days. Recommended products: SYNAPS OM450 or SYNAPS XM450 [...]

SYNAPS XM Protected

SYNAPS XM: PROTECTED AGAINST INFECTION-CAUSING BACTERIA AND VIRUSES The COVID epidemic has fundamentally changed our sense of hygiene and health safety. We have adopted new habits to protect the community and ourselves from the spread of infections. That is why SYNAPS XM is now improved with an agent that [...]

Where to buy

Where to buy SYNAPS In case no local SYNAPS supplier is available in your country or region, please contact the SYNAPS team via mail ( Finze Group GESMBH Obkirchergasse 36 A-1190 Wien T +43 1 320 34 61 F +43 1 320 76 87 Igepa Belux NV Nijverheidslaan 4 B-9880 [...]

Agfa SYNAPS synthetic paper donated to Turkey field hospitals

Following the devastating earthquake that hit southern and central Turkey, as well as northern and western Syria on February 6th and ensuing its aftershocks, a Belgian “B-Fast” team has set up a field hospital on the ground to help around 180 patients per day. Working in the area has many challenges, including the fact [...]


With the innovative portfolio of PETix transparent overlay films and core card materials, Agfa adds to the performance of security cards by delivering: Durability for extended lifetime Protection against counterfeit Competitive cost High production efficiency The PETix portfolio includes a range of products of three main [...]

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