Agfa launches SYNAPS XM110

Mortsel, Belgium | January 28, 2021 11:00 AM CET

Today, Agfa announced the market launch of SYNAPS XM110 as the latest addition to its SYNAPS synthetic papers portfolio. With its thickness of 100 microns, it represents the thinnest type of SYNAPS XM and meets requirements for applications such as ticketing and signage.

SYNAPS XM110 can be printed on all common dry toner printers and multi-functional office printers with standard print settings as for standard office paper. Together with its antistatic treatment to prevent paper jams it allows facility managers of offices and shops to quickly and efficiently produce customized COVID-safety signage without the need for time and energy consuming lamination.

Jeroen Brijs, Business Development & Product Manager SYNAPS, comments: “Complementing our existing portfolio, SYNAPS XM110 offers opportunities for expansion into new areas of use. We are happy to also help the environment by offering thinner materials for applications that don’t need a higher thickness and avoid material overkill.”

SYNAPS XM110 has the same core and toner acceptance layer as the existing XM products and is available for sales as of today in standard sheet formats while sheet and roll formats to customer specification can be delivered upon request.

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SYNAPS is a polyester-based print media developed, manufactured and marketed by Agfa. It comes in two versions based on distinct print technology for offset and elektro-ink (SYNAPS OM) and xerography or dry toner (SYNAPS XM). Both OM and XM products are available in a variety of thicknesses and OM includes also a self-adhesive type. The use of SYNAPS is driven by applications that require indoor or outdoor durability without the need for lamination, such as tags, signage, labels, posters, menu cards.

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