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Agfa is the specialist in UV inks for industrial piezo printheads – both for single-pass and for multi-pass printing. Our R&D center (Mortsel, Belgium) builds on our extensive experience in chemistry, color management and dispersion technology for the development and production of premium quality inkjet inks.
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Altamira inks are a range of single pass UV-curable inkjet inks and fluids for printing with piezo print heads requiring standard viscosity, including print heads supplied by Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Xaar, Seiko, Dimatix and Toshiba Tec.


Arigi UV inks are a wide range of multi-pass UV inks for use on wide-format printers (flatbed, hybrid or roll-to-roll). The range consists of inks for rigid and flexible applications developed for printheads supplied by Konica Minolta, Xaar, Ricoh, Seiko, Dimatix and Toshiba Tec, as well as Kyocera (the Arigi UV K-range).


Single pass UV-curable inkjet inks and fluids
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Altamira Pack SUV Altamira Design DP Altamira Design PID Altamira White 001 Altamira White 002 Altamira Primer GP Altamira Varnish F
Features Viscosity 9–12 mPa.s 9–12 mPa.s 7-10 mPa.s 9–12 mPa.s 9–12 mPa.s 9-11 mPa.s 9-11 mPa.s
Bulb-curing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
LED-curing yes yes yes yes yes yes
Applications Marking & coding +++ +++ + ++ +++ +++ ++
Product printing + +++ + ++ +++ +++ +++
Interior deco ++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ ++
Document print +++ ++ + + + ++ +++
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Multi-pass UV inks for use on wide-format printers

Arigi UV HD1 Arigi UV HD2 Arigi UV R3 Arigi UV F2 Arigi UV F4 Arigi UV K3 Arigi UV KF5 Arigi primer
Features Viscosity 8-12 mPa.s 7-9 mPa.s 7-9 mPa.s 7-9 mPa.s 7-9 mPa.s 5-6 mPa.s 5-7 mPa.s 9-12 mPa.s
Bulb-curing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
LED-curing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Applications Flatbed +++ +++ +++ + + +++ + +++
Hybrid +++ +++ +++ ++ ++ +++ +++ +++
Roll-to-roll + + + +++ +++ ++ +++ +++
Industrial ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +++
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Agfa UV inks – Always spot on

Excellent prints begin with the best possible ink solutions. Leveraging years of experience and chemical knowledge, we design and develop unique high-performance UV inks for a wide range of applications with the lowest consumption on the market. Find out just how we do this.

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Marking and coding plays a vital role from which consumers, businesses and entire industries often benefit without realising or appreciating the challenges that the methodology can present. It is a market segment where digital alternatives are growing in relevance and importance.

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