PrintSphere AutoPilot

AutoPilot is a module that extends the prepress automation capabilities of PrintSphere.
Printsphere Autopilot

PrintSphere is the cloud-based data exchange solution of Agfa. AutoPilot is an optional module that can be added to PrintSphere to extend its automation capabilities. AutoPilot enables you to run scripts to automatically process incoming files, automate file sharing or generate jobs that get processed by your prepress workflow solution.

These are a few examples of tasks that AutoPilot can automate:

  • Split incoming PDF files so that each page is a separate file. Or merge them or trim them. AutoPilot can also standardize file names so that they all include the job name or delivery date.
  • Sort incoming files, such as moving single- and double-sided business cards generated by a web-to-print system to separate folders. An AutoPilot script can wait until sufficient cards are available and then submit batches of 20 for gang run printing.
  • Gather all files from a ‘To be archived’ folder on PrintSphere each night, compress these into a ZIP file and archive it.
  • E-mail links to data generated by your workflow solution. The data you may want to share can be softproofs that your customer needs to review. They can also be JDF ink key, cutting or folding data for a subcontractor.
  • Generate jobs based on XML data that an MIS system submits to PrintSphere. AutoPilot can convert XML, CSV or text files into JDF job definitions that a workflow like Apogee Prepress can process.


  • Save operator time by automating repetitive tasks. In today’s short run, high turnover world, you need to limit manual interventions to maintain profitability.
  • Eliminate human errors. Scripts will always process data in a timely, consistent and predictable fashion.
  • Speed up your production cycle by automatically processing files the moment they are available.


Run scripts to automate repetitive tasks

You can write your own scripts or use the sample scripts that are bundled within AutoPilot. Your Agfa team or dealer may create and install ready to use scripts as part of an integration or automation project. The scripting language used is JavaScript, which many developers are familiar with. Logs show when scripts ran and can be used for troubleshooting.

Printsphere Autopilot
Activate scripts whenever needed

Scripts can run immediately, as soon as data are available. Delayed scripts are tasks that wait a while after the first file arrives to makes sure associated data are available. Scheduled scripts run at fixed time points, such as a script that runs every Saturday morning. These three scheduling options make it easy to handle a variety of tasks.

Process data from a variety of sources

Scripts can manage data that are uploaded to a PrintSphere folder. The shared folder shown below with the airplane icon is such an AutoPilot enabled folder. Scripts can also process files that are sent by e-mail or submitted using a web call. The resulting output can be directed to a PrintSphere folder, an outgoing e-mail or another web-based service, such as a messaging tool or a platform like IFTTT or Zapier. Of course, job content can also be sent to workflow systems such as Apogee Prepress, Asanti, Arkitex or third-party digital front ends.

Bundled libraries for optimal file management and analysis

Bundled libraries enable AutoPilot scripts to:

  • Retrieve file properties such as resource type, creation data…
  • Analyze PDF files and retrieve page count, box dimensions, a list of colors used…
  • Analyze images to retrieve the resolution, color mode, bit depth…
  • Process XML files, including JDF data, to retrieve or insert elements, delete nodes, apply XSLT transformations…
  • Manage files: move them, copy them, merge or split PDF files, extract pages from a PDF or make a booklet from all pages…
  • Compress and decompress data


Technical Specs

PrintSphere account with an active Base Pack license
Programming language
JavaScript (ECMAScript 5.1)
Available scripts
  • A library of sample scripts is bundled with AutoPilot. These scripts perform common tasks such as compressing or decompressing files, sorting data, splitting and merging PDF files or converting XML files to JDF.
  • Custom scripts can be created as part of a customization project.
  • Getting Started guide
  • Reference guide for the supplied libraries

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