PrintSphere is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service solution for standardized data exchange and workflow automation.

Sharing data through a variety of different tools can be complicated and counterproductive. PrintSphere offers you the ultimate solution. It is a cloud-based service that makes it easy for you to store data online and swiftly exchange files with, for example, customers, colleagues, and freelancers.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) can be integrated with Agfa’s Asanti workflow and StoreFront web-to-print service. As such, it efficiently completes and facilitates your entire workflow by offering you a simple solution for swift data sharing.

Integrate PrintSphere with our workflow solutions to allow customers to upload data directly to their jobs, based on an email invite. PrintSphere also automatically creates off-site backups of your vital data, which are ready to use in case something goes wrong. It, as such, enhances your business continuity plans as the data could be downloaded at any time and be used to resume printing.


  • Standardized, efficient and easy data exchange.
  • Automated and regular database and customer file backups.
  • Integrable with existing production workflow software.
  • Synchronization of folders on different systems.
  • Hosted by Agfa’s private and secure cloud.
  • SaaS that eliminates the need for other investments.
  • Access to up-to-date files anywhere and anytime.
  • Automated messaging system with job notifications.


Easy file sharing

To be a print service provider is to exchange large quantities of data with a multitude of people. PrintSphere addresses the need for a standardized, easy and organized way to do this. This unique, cloud-based service helps you, your customers, and your colleagues to send and receive data in a fast and secure way.

Workflow solutions typically import and export data using ‘hot folders’ – folders on a local drive or network in which the tool continuously searches for incoming files or writes outgoing data. Simply synchronize your hot folders with PrintSphere using the OS X or Windows desktop client and all incoming and outgoing data becomes web-enabled.

Online data storage

PrintSphere can be used to make an archive of finished PDF job data available to customers. It also allows you to share a library of design templates and images or a collection of production files. Users can access these using a browser as well as dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

You can password protect shared folders and have full control over what is shared with whom. In a world that increasingly focusses on cross-channel publishing, PrintSphere offers you an efficient platform to make data accessible to customers and other business partners.

Integrable with existing software

Easily integrable with Agfa’s existing workflow tools such as Asanti and StoreFront, PrintSphere is a valuable addition to the entire workflow.

Automated messaging system

In case of integration with our workflow solutions, PrintSphere administrators can organize their data by creating folders and assigning jobs to specific PrintSphere users or print buyers. Appointed users automatically receive an email inviting them to contribute to that particular job.

Secure, off-site database backups

PrintSphere is a cloud service that not only enables the swift exchange of data; it also creates regular backups of the production database, and creates a copy of your customer input files in the cloud. Using the same private and secure cloud technology as Agfa’s healthcare division, all stored data is 100% confidential and safe from data center crises.

SaaS solution

No need to invest in other hard- or software when you own PrintSphere. Access PrintSphere anywhere you go via the website and client apps for Windows, Mac, and mobile. PrintSphere uses automatic synchronization to always keep your local folders up-to-date.


Technical Specs

Supported languages
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
Supported web browsers
FireFox v52 (or higher), Chrome v49 (or higher), Safari & Edge. Other web browsers may work but are not certified.
Supported operating systems
Windows, OS X, Android (mobile), iOS (mobile).

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