Press & Processor Maintenance

Our versatile range of cleaners perfectly matches our plate technologies, in order to keep your equipment in optimal form and to let you achieve maximum productivity.
Specialty care products for the pressroom

Dried ink, blocked circulation pipes or dirty rollers? We know that you need to keep printing without these time- and money-consuming interruptions. Our press and processor maintenance solutions keep your printing process under control by using dedicated products to avoid or quickly solve each possible issue.

Key benefits

  • Quick and easy application
  • Compliant to all applicable SHE&RA legislation
  • Suitable for a wide variety of printers
  • Contain corrosion inhibitor


Press Cleaners

Even though Agfa’s latest process-free plate technologies require less press maintenance, we still offer you the full high-quality range of pressroom cleaners.

Dampening System Cleaner: powerful cleaner for dampening systems in offset presses. Effectively removes ink residues and paper dust. Available in 20 l.

Rolkleen Extra: dampening rubber roller cleaner. Removes contaminants and ink residues from chrome, steel and rubber rollers. Available in 6 x 1 l.

Decal Plus: acidic cleaning solution designed to remove excessive calcium and magnesium residue from rollers and blankets. Essential when printing with untreated hard water. Available in 4 x 1 l.

Xchange: efficient cleaning liquid for ink rollers, enabling quick color changes in one wash-up. Available in 6 x 1 l.

Dampakleen Plus: cloth damper cover cleaner. Quickly removes ink, pigments, varnish, gum residues, paper lint etc. Available in 4 x 5 l.

InkStripper Plus: powerful solvent designed to quickly remove hardened conventional ink and coating deposits from blanket and rollers. Available in 4 x 5 l.

Reviverol Plus: Blanket and roller rejuvenator for everyday use. Removes ink and calcium residues from the rubber pores and leaves blanket and rollers with a velvet-smooth, ink receptive surface. Available in 6 x 1 l.

Processor Cleaners

ATTIRO CareClean: processor circulation cleaner developed to be used in Agfa’s Attiro processor. Removes yellow stain in all areas in a fast and highly efficient way, even with older deposits. Available in 10 l.

VCF CareClean: surface and circulation cleaner for VCF processing equipment maintenance. Removes coating residue in VCF cleanout units. Available in 4 x 1 l, 4 x 5 l, 20 l and 200 l.

Antura oxy clean: active oxygen cleaner. To be used when bad smell and mucus builds up in the tanks, tubes and pumps of the water rinse and the (clean-out) gum sections of plate developing or clean-out units. This product is safe for all processor components.
Available in 16 x 75 gr.

Processor Cleaner: cleaner for positive thermal plate processors, e.g. Energy Elite plates. Available in 20 l.

Altec T236 Cleaner: an alkaline cleaning concentrate that was specially designed for the regular cleaning of development stations in polymer offset plate processors. In particular, Altec T-236 is useful in removing printing plate residue. The alkalinity of the cleaner binds the plate layer residue in the developer tank, thus preventing a resinous clogging of the layer. Available in 10 l.

Rapid CTP Processor Cleaner: Processor Cleaner is an acidic cleaning agent for processors. We strongly recommend to use an Agfa cleaner for your processor, because other products could damage plate coating, rollers, pumps or pipes.
This processor cleaner enables you to clean your processor without having to entirely drain it. Drain 5 litres from the processor and replace this with Rapid CtP Processor Cleaner. Let the processor rinse the solution and drain. Rapid CtP Processor Cleaner is the ideal solution for an intermediate cleaning of the processor or when the processor itself is marginally polluted. Available in 4 x 5 l.

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