N94-V is a photopolymer offset plate for the newspaper industry. Thanks to its UV-ink printing capabilities, N94-V opens up new possibilities for semi-commercial printing applications.

N94-V has arrived and the newspaper industry will never be the same. These photopolymer offset plates address the exact demands of today’s newspaper printers. N94-V is sensitized for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm, which brings enhanced imaging and processing latitude.

While newspapers often are printed at night, printing engines don’t sleep during daytime. Semi-commercial printing is necessary in the newspaper industry, for a bigger return on investment. N94-V is fit for the job, thanks to its UV-ink printing capabilities.

Key benefits

  • Compatible with high-speed violet newspaper engines
  • Improved image quality and working latitude (pre-heat and on-press)
  • Run length of over 300,000
  • Most robust photopolymer plate on the market
  • Suitable for use with metallic and UV inks

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Violet-Laser Imaging

Low cost of ownership, extremely long lifespan and absolute reliability. These are a few of the ways in which violet-diode plate setters excel. N94-V is yet more proof of the lasting success of violet CtP. With its optimized photo-layer and improved substrate characteristics, N94-V sets new standards of photopolymer plate technology for violet laser imaging.

Fast exposure and Proven Plate Processing

Simple processing and robustness, combined with fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure: N94-V does it all. This plate is processed in the standard way: pre-heat (image amplification) is followed by overcoat wash-off. Subsequently, the image is developed and the plate is washed and gummed.

Durable Substrate Giving High On-press Performance

Advanced electrochemical graining and anodizing yield the reliability and robustness needed on a newspaper press and the durability required to cope with even the longest press runs. The plate is UV ink compatible, which makes it the perfect choice for applications which are semi-newspaper and semi-commercial. In short, N94-V provides a solid foundation for consistent press performance.

Technical Specs

Plate characteristics
Plate type Negative-working, violet laser offset plate
Substrate High-quality grained and anodized aluminum
Spectral sensitivity 400-410 nm (violet-laser diode)
Practical sensitivity 35 µJ/cm²
Platesetter compatiblity Compatible with most violet plate setters with laser power of 30 mW and higher
Image contrast Excellent. Can be measured with all available densitometers and plate readers
Plate sizes All newspaper sizes, single and broadsheets
Resolution (depending on platesetter)
  • ABS: 2-96% at 110 lpi at 1270 dpi
  • Sublima: 1-99% at 180 lpi at 1270 dpi
Gauges 0.30 – 0.35 – 0.40 mm (0.012 – 0.014 – 0.016 inch)
Run length Up to 350,000 (baked: 500,000, 100,000 with UV inks) dependent on press conditions
Developer PL10
Replenisher PL10Ri
Replenishment rate 75 ml/m²
Bath life Up to 6 weeks (up to 1800 m²)
  • Compatible with most polymer processors
  • Agfa: VPP 85, VXP 85 and/or VXXP 85
Processor speed Up to 2.5 m/min.
Room lighting yellow
Room conditions (T, RH) 18-24 °C (64-75 °F), < 70% RH
Storage conditions Below 32 °C (90 °F), < 70% RH
Gums Unifin
Baking gum: RC510
Plate Correction pen (for unbaked plates) Polymer deletion pen
Plate Cleaner Standard: ANTURA CtP Plate Cleaner
Low-VOC/NON-VOC: ANTURA Low-VOC Plate Cleaner
Cleaning gum: ANTURA CleanGum
Fountain Solutions Sheetfed: Prima FS404 AS(H)
Sheetfed: ANTURA fount AFS(H)1
Rehardener: RC611
Coldset: ANTURA Fount CS(H)1
Heatset: ANTURA fount (H)700
Heatset: Prima FS909 AF(H) web
Sheetfed: Prima FS808 AF
Roller and blanket washes Xtrawash Plus 40&60
Hydrowash Roto (Heatset)
Pressroom starter packs Standard: NP starters pack
Hard water: NP starters pack hard water