InterioJet series

Highly efficient inkjet printing solutions for laminated surfaces

The InterioJet series consists of multi-pass, water-based inkjet systems for printing on décor paper used for decoration, such as laminate floors and furniture.

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The InterioJet series accelerates the adoption of digital printing in the laminated surface market, as it consists of cost-efficient printing solutions for short to medium production runs.

The InterioJet presses combine a speedy start-up with a high degree of versatility, enabling laminate panel makers to print short or medium runs in house. They also enable gravure printers to switch from analog to digital production and meet the decoration market’s demand for just-in-time delivery and customized designs. At the same time, these digital solutions also let them lower their stocks and thus working capital.

Key benefits

  • Cost-efficient solutions for short and medium laminate décor production runs
  • Complex patterns and fully customized prints. No limits to designer creativity
  • Brilliant and consistent print quality matching the laminate industry’s color profiles
  • Engineered for productivity and ease of use
  • Print production can be combined effortlessly with various impregnation and lamination processes
printed laminate flooring
kitchen table and closets
Laminate booth displays
marble laminate for reception desk

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In detail

Robust and reliable

Built on Agfa’s award-winning printing platforms, the InterioJet 3300i can print on two rolls at a time –each with a width of up to 1570 mm and a weight of up to 700 kg. The InterioJet 2250i can print on a single roll with a width of up to 2250 mm and a weight of up to 1200 kg.

Unlimited designs

The InterioJet presses surpass the limitations of gravure printing, as they are not limited by cylinder length or ink kitchen – thus allowing for the printing of multiple designs and non-repetitive patterns. They let you print different, customized designs for every single order.

State-of-the-art print quality

The InterioJet presses achieve brilliant and consistent print quality. They excel through their superior contrast and sharpness, with saturation matching typical decorative industry colors.

Low cost of ownership

With the InterioJet presses, laminated surface suppliers now have a cost-efficient solution that integrates proofing, medium and short production runs in one single system. Compared to the conventional analog printing methods such as gravure, or to single-pass inkjet printing systems, the investment cost of  an InterioJet is very attractive.

On top of that, the InterioJet presses stand out through their combination of high print quality and low ink consumption. The latter results from the inks’ high color strength along with smart ink saving algorithms and low printer maintenance requirements.

Outstanding performance

The InterioJet presses are designed for 24/7 operation with a consistently high print quality.

Efficient and easy to use

The heavy-duty lifting system helps the operator to easily load rolls. The automatic maintenance system ensures that the engine is always ready to start printing right away. On the output side, a rewinding system with brush rollers guarantees the wrinkle-free rewinding of the printed decor paper. Thanks to the automatic maintenance unit, operators don’t need to get their hands dirty. The intuitive GUI provides details about job status and ink levels. It also alerts operators when maintenance is required so that the engine’s performance is always up to standard.


Winner of an EDP Award 2021

Partnering with the laminate industry

When developing the InterioJet, we not only tuned the ink, printer, and software perfectly to each other, but we also closely cooperated with industry partners to ensure that the printer fully matches the specific requirements of the end products and fits in seamlessly with the existing (analog) industrial laminate manufacturing processes.

Matched water-based inks

Following Agfa’s matched components approach – which ensures the accurate alignment of printing systems, workflow software and inks – we developed dedicated water-based pigment inks for the InterioJet.

Consistent and reliable

These eco-friendly inks have been designed for high printing resolutions. They are lightfast and use the same pigments as analog décor printing to deliver minimal metamerism. The patented method which replaces the magenta pigment with a red pigment ensures that the InterioJet matches the wood decors made with gravure printing. On top of that, the InterioJet inks offer high color constancy, so that there will only be limited color differences observable when viewed under different light sources.

The InterioJet inks are characterized by their excellent jetting reliability, which ensures precise dot placement and blockage-free nozzles at all times. In addition, the inks’ batch-to-batch consistency is excellent, and they have a long shelf life.

Fully compatible with industrial laminate production

The InterioJet inks have been specifically designed to match the requirements of the standard melamine impregnation and lamination processes used in flooring and furniture production.

Find out more about Agfa’s water-based inks

Powered by Asanti workflow software

The InterioJet is driven by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, which adds to the system’s performance and productivity by controlling, simplifying and automating the entire printing process from prepress to finishing. Asanti’s comprehensive integration of file handling, color management and preflighting guarantees smooth, error-free jobs.

Tuned to décor image rendering

The InterioJet Enhancer is an Asanti module that was specifically designed for décor printing and features special imaging algorithms to optimize décor images and to ensure cross-technology color management. Additional renders enable the simultaneous processing of multiple large files.

Color management

Color accuracy is provided by the ingenious yet easy-to-use color management. Using the Calibrated Print Mode feature, new media can be calibrated and profiled in less than 15 minutes, after which the new profiles can be used to guarantee print quality.

Keeping ink consumption low

Asanti’s smart imaging algorithms help to limit your ink consumption, and consequently, to reduce your costs and environmental footprint.

Insight in your production

The web-based Asanti Production Dashboard provides you with a near real-time insight in your running production. By summarizing the jobs and reporting on print quantities, media usage, and ink volumes, it lets you manage your production optimally.

Easy file sharing

The InterioJet easily integrates with cloud-based PrintSphere, which allows printing companies to automate their workflows, to simplify and accelerate file sharing, and to collaborate effortlessly with customers – while maintaining secure and safe data transfer and storage.

Third-party connectivity

Asanti effortlessly handshakes with non-Agfa (CAD/CAM) software modules used in the décor printing industry to match gravure prints as closely as possible.

Web-to-print option: 24/7 online ordering

The InterioJet can be complemented by Agfa’s comprehensive web-to-print service. As a cloud-based web-to-print solution, Asanti StoreFront will help you expand your customer base and increase your revenue. Automated payment processing and error-free print preparation ensure that new jobs are ready for printing in no time and with a minimum of operator intervention.

Technical Specs

Models InterioJet 2250i InterioJet 3300i
Printing technology
Print technology Digital inkjet printer
Print head technology Piezo
Print resolution 635 x 1200 dpi
Heating technology CIR heating
Jumbo roll-to-roll Single lane Independent dual-lane
Media specifications
Media types Digital decor paper, coated base paper or base paper treated with primer
Media width 800-2250 mm (31.50-88.58”) 610-1570 mm (24.02-61.81”)
Roll core size 3” (optional 6”)
Maximum outside roll diameter 850 mm (33.46”)
Maximum coil weight 1200 kg (2645.55 lb) 700 kg (1543.24 lb)
Media thickness 70-95 g/m² (0.23- 0.31 oz/ft²)
Single lane 336 m²/h (3616.67 ft²/h)
Dual lane 340 m²/h (3660 ft²/h)
Ink & primer
Ink technology Water-based pigment ink
Ink set Cyan, Red, Yellow, Black, Light Black (CRYKLk)
Lightfastness Blue Wool Scale 7
Primer Water-based primer
Engine dimensions & weight
System dimensions (unwinder + printer + dryer + rewinder)
(W x D x H)
7.4 x 7.5 x 2.5 m (24.28 x 24.61 x 8.20 ft) 8.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 m (27.89 x 24.61 x 8.20 ft)
System weight 8663 kg (19,099 lb) 10,400 kg (22,928 lb)
Environment conditions for quality production
Temperature 18-26°C (64-79°F)
Relative humidity 35-75%
Pollution degree II or better
Printer 3-phase + earth (no neutral) 400 V or 480 V 50/60 Hz

Maximum current 26 A

Inline dryer 3-phase + earth 400 V or 480 V 50/60 Hz

Maximum current 32 A

Jumbo roll-to-roll 3-phase + earth 400 V or 480 V 50/60 Hz

Maximum current roll-to-roll input side 3 A

Maximum current roll-to-roll output side 3 A

System integration RIP/workflow software
End-to-end workflow Asanti Production décor & laminates special deco plug-in
Color management Built-in Agfa color management module
Web-to-print (option) Asanti StoreFront cloud-based front to back and e-commerce tool

PrintSphere cloud-based artwork, design library tool

CE and NRTL approved