Fortuna Security Design

Fortuna Security Design is a unique digital design and assembly system for high security printing.
Fortuna Security Design

Fortuna Security Design is a software suite for high security printing. Your ally in the battle against counterfeiting, the suite features different levels of verification tools, both for the expert and for non-qualified end users who can now easily detect a true product from a fake one.

Fortuna Security Design is your go-to product to design high-security documents such as passports, ID cards and driving licenses, tax stamps, lottery tickets, breeder documents and more. Its modular structure allows each user to create a customized (and upgradable) version. Aesthetics and security never went together that well.


  • Powerful graphical base editor
  • Time gains thanks to digital pattern generation
  • Advanced design security features
  • External verification tools
  • Perfect reconciliation of security and aesthetics

New in Fortuna X2

  • a new modern user interface
  • an overhauled back-end
  • the possibility to open multiple complex security designs simultaneously
  • new ways to create random security rasters
  • and more

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Fortuna Security Design
In my 35 years as a designer, I have come to recognize Agfa’s Fortuna security design software to be by far the most powerful and versatile vector-based graphics application available. Fortuna can handle massive and complex vector files with ease. Its true power comes from its intuitive interface and its ability to generate elegant and sophisticated graphics through a module-based system that works as an inventor’s toolkit. As a designer, I love the way I can generate incredibly complex geometric patterns and beautiful design elements, then be able to assemble the final print-ready artwork all within Fortuna.
Jerry Sullivan,


A lot of different security markets expose their needs for a certain level of security thus the counterfeiting business is growing exponentially! Fortuna offers a completely modular approach for and gives each market, each user the possibility to create their own version, based on their needs and market requirements. It will give you a customized solution and the possibility to grow.

Fortuna makes the creation of single security elements possible, as well as the total assembly and production of complete security documents. It consists of two parts.
A core application, mainly line work-oriented, plus a number of security modules.

It is easy to use, as these security modules are integrated into the general line work core editor. The strength of Fortuna is that all these modules can be combined to lift the level of security so that designs become very difficult to counterfeit.

Powerful Core

The Fortuna solution is based on the very powerful Fortuna Core design and assembly module. This extremely precise editor offers you all the tools you need for the design, assembly, editing and previewing of very complex security designs.

The special security modules include over 30 add-on packages to this core editor. Putting the complete design of a security product in your hands, from its initial concept to pre-press production.

Variable line thickness

Fortuna does not have limits when it comes to line thickness, so the highest quality can be obtained, taking your output machine into account, of course. Designs are only limited by the confines of their designer’s imagination.

Special Security Rasters and Trafo Pattern Generator

The Special Rasters module and the Trafo Pattern Generator produce rasters inside the design. Security printers seldom use traditional screening in order to raise the level of security. The Special Rasters module reproduces continuous tones by using a set of objects based on special rasters parameters.

Line rasters, Trafo rasters, Blend rasters, Select rasters, Dither rasters, Text rasters and Hair Rasters are available in the Special Rasters module. These high-security design features, as well as the Trafo Pattern Generator, create thousands of small objects in a controlled way, making counterfeiting and forgery of the design extremely difficult. Combinations will lift up the design to an even higher level. It is also possible to design raster forms that generate interference patterns when used on copying machines, further reducing the possibility of reproducing your security document.


Agfa always ensures that the authenticity of potential customers is carefully ascertained. Every Fortuna customer is required to sign a statement of compliance with our operational conditions.

Only Agfa employees dedicated to the security application are conversant with Fortuna’s content and operation, keeping knowledge transfers to a minimum.

Secure Software

As a security workflow needs to be controlled at all times, Fortuna offers the possibility to restrict the use of the security modules.
 Many years of experience make sure Fortuna offers all necessary tools to create a high-quality security design.

Agfa always ensures that the authenticity of potential customers is carefully ascertained. System location can be constantly traced and communicated to national and international police forces in an effort to preclude counterfeiting. Confidentiality in contacts with customers is of the utmost importance.

Technical Specs

Operating System Windows 8 (64bit)
Processor 2 x Intel® XEON E56020 (2,4GHz 4-core) or higher
Memory 8GbRam or more
Harddisk 2 x 300GB
Video card NVIDIA Quadro NVS 2951
Monitor 23″ monitor