Customer Finance

Customer Finance is an Agfa service that enables you to match the cost of acquisition with your budget and operational cycle.
Customer Finance

Agfa puts its in-depth financial know-how of the graphic industry to use for your business. A personal, comprehensive approach allows us to offer flexible financial solutions that can be adapted to your individual requirements.

We take into account your investment budget and operational expenses as well as local and international legislation. A thorough analysis of these parameters results in attractive payment schemes. They match your expenses to the useful economic lifetime of your system, reduce your time to break-even, and improve your over-all return on investment.

Key benefits

  • Analysis of operational costs and investment budget
  • Payments matched to cash flow
  • Specialized knowledge of the graphic industry
  • Flexibility for upgrades
  • Consideration of country-specific and international accounting standards


100% Project Financing

We combine all acquisition and service costs into one package. This includes shipping and delivery charges, installation and maintenance costs and training, among other things. The bundle simplifies your accounting procedures and enables 100% project financing.

Additionally, our documentation package is easy to complete, because we are committed to putting the system you need into your hands as quickly as possible.

On- or Off-balance Sheet Agreements

Customer Finance contracts are structured as on- or off-balance sheet agreements, in accordance with local and international accounting standards, to meet your requirements. Together, we look for the optimum set-up between operational and capital expenditure budgets and define the most efficient way to proceed within your financing mix.

Personal Assistance

Agfa’s Customer Finance professionals rely on broad financial services experience and market knowledge to help you. Both in direct contact and as part of the Agfa team. Their goal? To fully exploit the above opportunities to your benefit and work out an appropriate customer finance solution.