CristalRaster III

With CristalRaster III, Agfa rings in the third generation of FM screens. CristalRaster III combines the best of first and second-generation FM screens, as well as Agfa’s Sublima screen technology. The result is the best FM screen on the market, with guaranteed longer run lengths, astounding image quality and excellent printing stability.
Cristalraster III
The third-gen FM screen the printing industry has been waiting for

CristalRaster III combines the best elements of Agfa’s award-winning CristalRaster I and Sublima technology. Experience the ultimate in image quality, color richness and detail while eliminating moiré and rosette effects entirely. With CristalRaster III, your prints will be more beautiful, quicker to produce and more consistent than ever before.


  • Picture-perfect reproduction thanks to finely rendered details and 4+ color printing
  • Free of imperfections: no moiré, no unwanted angles, no rosette structures
  • Better printing stability
  • Improved run lengths compared to CristalRaster Gen I and other FM screening technologies


Impressive image quality

Broaden your range with CristalRaster III, thanks to random placement of the printing dots. The result is a detailed image without moiré effects or rosette structures. It is a must-have technology for anyone making exact photo reproductions!

Reliable printing stability

CristalRaster III uses a combination of larger dots with small, non-printable supportive dots for lighter tones. These small supportive dots also ensure that highlights remain on print throughout the entire run as the pressure is more distributed.

How it works

CristalRaster III combines the power of first and second-generation FM screens and Agfa’s patented Sublima technology to introduce the new and improved third-generation FM screen. It uses larger dot size and random placement to its advantage, minimizing dot gain and resulting in a broader possible printing range because the dots form a better and stronger connection. What’s more, we added microdots, small non-printable pixels that strengthen the regular CristalRaster dots. This way, you can achieve higher printing stability and longer run lengths.

CristalRaster stochastic screening enlarged

The minimum dot size that is supported depends on the type of offset plate. Currently Eclipse, Energy Elite Pro and Energy Elite ECO plates are supported. Supported engines include the Avalon N24-90 (S & XT), Avalon N16-90 (E, S & XT) and Avalon N8-90 (E, S & XT).

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