Arkitex PressRegister

Arkitex Enhance PressRegister allows you to easily and simply correct registration issues, saving you time and money.
Fix press registration issues

It’s a problem that regularly occurs on web presses in newspaper production: mis-registration. This occurs on old web presses when only part of the cylinder registers. It costs publishers time and money; on double width or larger web presses, it’s a time-consuming and expensive task to accurately align all plates on the same cylinder.

For all these problems, Arkitex Enhance PressRegister is the software solution. It easily and simply corrects the causes of mis-registration. This TIFF-based program is an affordable solution for an expensive problem.


  • Automatically corrects a wide variety of press mis-registration types
  • Faster make-ready, thanks to the immediate registration of the image
  • Produces higher-quality jobs on any press
  • Extends the life of press parts
  • Corrects problems that could not be fixed before (e.g. adjusting multi-plate cylinder configuration)


Arkitex Enhance PressRegister will resolve the following issues:

  • Overall mis-registration resulting from CtP, plate punch, bender, cylinder gripping, alignment pins, blanket wear, and any mechanical press misalignments;
  • Cylinder and plate rotation errors;
  • Grip inaccuracy and mechanical position of plates on the cylinder;
  • Non-linear registration problem resulting from blanket and cylinder imperfection or slanted (not centered);
  • Resized images when multiple plates sizes are used;
  • Many other issues such as the misalignment of images etc.

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