Arkitex Portal

Arkitex Portal is the ultimate communication facilitator between printers and content suppliers. With this collaborative software system, exchanging file information is a piece of cake.
Arkitex Portal online page approval

Does your printing site cooperate with more than one content supplier? Arkitex Portal is what you need. It enables both newspaper and contract printers to communicate with their clients. The latter upload, check and approve processed files, the printer produces the job within the deadline.

Arkitex Portal is easy to use: newspaper editors and other print buyers easily upload their content, are able to check on-screen what their booklet or paper will look like and quickly correct any errors. As a printer, you see the third-party planning systems are automatically imported. Stay in control of every aspect of your workflow.


  • Remote content supply and monitoring
  • Intuitive and easy to understand
  • Clear communication with content suppliers
  • Push back deadlines
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enables printers to take on more print jobs


Focus on Core Tasks

Arkitex Portal provides automation for printers, so their interaction with their customer is reduced allowing them to focus on other, more important tasks. The integration and automation allows them to provide the value-added services that make the customer’s final product look better as well as print more easily.


Arkitex Portal is a collaborative page production system that offers a cost-effective way to help newspaper publishers and printers expand and develop their print business. It works together with the Arkitex system to ensure that uploaded pages intended for publication are accurately translated into the final product.

Web-based User Interface

Customers access Arkitex Portal through a straightforward, web-based user interface to upload files that will go through a sequence of processing steps. Publishers can decide which processes their files go through, within the scope of services offered by the printer. Working in the 24/7-accessible web environment results in higher productivity, a shorter number of steps before printing, and reducing costs associated with reworks and errors.

Image Enhancement

Arkitex Portal also allows the printer to offer value-added services, such as image enhancement and page preflighting, without adding to their operational costs.


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