Arkitex Enhance OptiInk

Using Arkitex Enhance OptiInk reduces ink consumption and improves image quality at the same time. All thanks to patented Agfa technology.
Arkitex Enhance OptiInk

Arkitex Enhance OptiInk offers you great gains in productivity and great savings on ink costs.

Very often, a page contains objects separated for commercial printing. This results in incorrect colors when printed on a coldset press. Since the ink separations are wrong, unwanted color casts might appear. OptiInk applies an automatic re-separation to the target press, optimizing the separation without changing color space or visual appearance. This results in more accurate and consistent adherence to print standards. This results in economical use of ink, higher color fidelity, and also improves time to print reducing paper waste – saving you a lot of unnecessary expenses.


  • Save up to 30% on ink while maintaining quality and productivity;
  • All press and paper Industry standards are included, or you can use your existing color profiles;
  • Greater press stability, faster press start-up, fewer web breaks and higher printing speeds;
  • OptiColor function, using Agfa’s Smart Input Space Recognition (SISR), for accurate color space transformations;
  • Multi-channel output, producing PDF outputs for multiple press outputs, web and mobile platform use.


Flexible Open Architecture

You can even use your existing color profiles. Arkitex Enhance OptiInk’s open architecture and ICC compatibility makes this possible.

Greater Savings on Ink Costs

Arkitex Enhance OptiInk now uses DLC (Dynamic Low-Ink Coverage) technology in conjunction with Agfa’s patented Advanced Color Management, to provide the maximum possible saving on ink costs, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Standalone or Integrated

Arkitex Enhance OptiInk is completely independent. It can also be integrated into Agfa’s Arkitex workflow or any other workflow. It’s automatic and so easy to use that it requires no special in-house knowledge once installed.

Absolute Automation

Once you set up your parameters, Arkitex Enhance OptiInk needs no further intervention. It operates in the background to increase productivity and quality while saving ink…up to 30%!