Arkitex Analyst

Arkitex Enhance Analyst allows you to identify bottlenecks in your newspaper workflow. Analyst is easy to use and gives both real-time and historical reports.

Are you looking to improve the workflow of your newspaper printing? Arkitex Analyst gives you the tools to find the best ways to do so. It enables you to immediately identify bottlenecks and to detect where in the workflow there’s spare capacity. You can view real-time information and consult post-production reports, tracking the entire newspaper production cycle.

Knowledge of SQL programming? Expensive reporting packages? That’s not necessary anymore to streamline your processes, thanks to Arkitex Enhance Analyst. Reports are easy to set up and you customize them the way you want it. For example, you can even request ‘one week of data ending last Saturday’, meaning you don’t have to change the date every time. All settings use user-friendly descriptions.


  • Good decision making as a result of having good information
  • Capability to produce a variety of real-time and historical reports with enterprise-wide information from both upstream and downstream systems
  • Detection of bottlenecks as well as spare capacity in your workflow
  • Easy-to-create and easy-to-read reports


Report Organization

Saved reports are organized using customer-defined folders, allowing them to organize reports the way that makes the most sense: by department, by person, by publication, by product, by engine etc.

Report Automation

In addition to creating reports for one-time or occasional use, Arkitex Analyst allows report automation so that reports are produced when and how they are needed. Reports are often needed on a regular basis; e.g. for a weekly production meeting.

Capacitybased Tracking

The ability to do work is limited by equipment capacity; e.g. imaging plates with CtP devices. Arkitex Analyst answers the question: “Do I have enough capacity to meet my upcoming deadline?”

Enterprise Wide Tracking and Reporting

Good decision making requires good information. Arkitex Analyst can include data from both upstream and downstream systems such as Editorial, Advertising, Photo, Pagination, Press and Mail-Room, to name a few.


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