Apogee StoreFront

Setting up and managing well-designed, customer-friendly online stores to sell your print and non-print products – that’s what Apogee StoreFront is all about.
Apogee Storefront

E-commerce keeps on booming. Customers love – and often expect – products to be just a few clicks away, and print buyers are no exception. As a cloud-based web-to-print solution that enables customers to place orders online 24/7, Apogee StoreFront will help you expand your customer base and increase your revenue in no time.

A thriving business through customer-friendly online stores that enable your print buyers to place orders at the click of a mouse – that’s the promise of Apogee StoreFront. No need to invest in any additional technology or personnel: this software as a service (SaaS) streamlines your workflow automatically.

Offer customers a wide range of print applications, on demand or from stock. Apogee StoreFront’s integrated Online Editor makes it as easy as pie for print buyers to personalize their documents. Even non-print products such as pens and digital goods can be offered as part of your service.


  • Expand your customer base by setting up intuitive mobile responsive online stores.
  • Software-as-a-service solution that requires no investments in hard- or software.
  • Allows your customers to easily customize their products.
  • Get instant feedback and information on the status of orders.
  • Smooth integration with Apogee Prepress: save time and increase productivity.

Why you need a web-to-print solution


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Apogee StoreFront is a cloud-based solution, which means there’s no need to invest in servers, software, database applications or an expensive symmetrical internet connection. What’s more, it considerably speeds up your time to market.

Multiple easy-to-manage stores

Create multiple online shops, each targeting a specific customer or market, or offering a certain type of product. Get that competitive advantage by opting for the cost-effective solution that is Apogee StoreFront.

Managing your shops, maintaining an overview of your product offerings, keeping track of orders – with just one glance at Apogee StoreFront’s intuitive dashboard, you’ll be up to date. As it’s easy to work with, there are no extra staff investments needed.

Powerful Online Editor

Apogee StoreFront’s Online Editor enables print buyers to customize documents online. This comes in handy for business cards, data sheets and newsletters. And of course for entire brochures, catalogs and posters. Even non-print gadgets can be customized, such as a box of pens or t-shirts. While the occasional user only needs to fill in a form to personalize a business card or stationery, demanding buyers will be delighted by the advanced editing features for the creation of rich multi-page publications.

Approval options for companies

Offer organizations the possibility of reviewing all orders placed by their employees, both in terms of content and pricing. They will thank you for making it easy to verify their brand style and print budget. Larger companies can even appoint approvers per region or team. Furthermore, corporate customers have the option of exporting a detailed overview of all purchases to an Excel file.

Streamline your workflow

Online orders are automatically downloaded and processed by Apogee Prepress, for a perfectly streamlined and efficient data flow.


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More features

  • Stores use a responsive design to work on phones as well as large monitors.
  • Industry standard file formats such as PDF and JDF for an optimal data flow.
  • Support of multiple languages, currencies and online payment methods.
  • Integrated preflight engine for the validation of uploaded files.
  • Add a purchase and/or content approval step to the ordering process.
  • Keep track of your stock through automatic notifications.
  • Repurpose Adobe InDesign documents using a plugin.
  • Optional variable data processing (VDP) module.


Agfa is committed to sustainable innovation focused on ecology, economy, and extra convenience – or ECO³. We develop integrated solutions – consisting of hardware, consumables, software and services – that streamline your prepress and printing operations and make them cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to operate and maintain. All while guaranteeing superior and consistent print quality.

The result? More value for your entire business!

Create more value for your entire printing business

Technical Specs

Types of products
Uploadable: the buyer supplies a file.
Customizable: the buyer edits a template.
Variable data: the buyer uploads an Excel spreadsheet to personalize documents.
On demand: the product is printed upon purchase.
From stock: the print or non-print product is delivered from the warehouse.
Digital: the buyer downloads the purchased file.
Kit: several products are bundled into a single offering.
Supported browsers for print buyers
Chrome 54 or higher, Edge 14 or higher, FireFox 50 or higher, Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Safari 9 or higher. To personalize documents, the browser needs to support Flash version 24 or higher.
Minimum bandwidth for print buyers
4 Mbit/s downstream & 1 Mbit/s upstream. A faster connection is recommended for working with large documents.
File formats
Print buyers can upload PDF, JPG and TIFF files.
For creating customizable documents, a StoreFront Converter plugin can be used to adapt existing Adobe InDesign CC files. The plugin supports the use of TrueType and OpenType fonts. It is available for both Mac and Windows.
Languages for print buyers
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (USA and UK), Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
American Dollar, Argentinian Peso, Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Euro, Hungarian Forint, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Polish Zloty, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc.
Payment methods
Bambora, Ingenico, KG Inicis, MercadoPago, PayPal Payments Pro Payflow Edition, PayPal Express Checkout, Payment by bank transfer or check, Stripe
Shipment tracking
Tracking is supported for Canada Post, Chronopost, DHL, Federal Express, Swiss Post, UPS, USPS and any tracking URL.
Real-time shipping quote is supported for