Apogee DigitalPrint Link

Apogee DigitalPrint Link links digital presses to Apogee Prepress to create a unified hybrid prepress workflow solution which automates on-demand print jobs on digital presses as well as manages prepress workflow for traditional offset litho print production.
Apogee DigitalPrint Link

Managing your prepress workflow for traditional and digital presses in one single workflow? That’s what Apogee DigitalPrint Link does for you. And you control it all with just one easy user interface.

As a founder of the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress Organization (CIP4), Agfa was one of the pioneers in supporting JDF. So if you’re looking for the most advanced JDF integration solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Key benefits

  • A single user interface for proofers, CtP and digital presses
  • Efficient and streamlined production
  • Superior content and color quality
  • Time and cost savings by keeping your output device in house
  • Compatible with most processing components and resources (Normalizer, Renderer, ICC profiles, fonts, etc.)


Agfa is committed to sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience—or ECO³. Our hardware, software and consumables make your prepress and printing operations cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to operate and maintain. The ultimate goal? More value for your entire printing business!

Create more value for your entire printing business



Unified Prepress Workflow Solution

Supervise offset printing processes and automated on-demand print jobs on digital presses at the same time. Apogee DigitalPrint Link lets you combine both processes in one streamlined workflow. This unified solution adds consistency and integrity to your printing results.

Automated Integration of Digital Presses

The JDF/JMF standard allows automated integration of the digital presses in the production process. Not only can the files sent to the digital press be rendered and imposed by the prepress department, you can easily add instructions like customer data, single/double sided, paper type/size, screening and finishing information.

Tracking and Updating Printing Jobs

With user-friendly drag-and-drop tools you can manage every move in the process from PDF creation to press. Let the automated workflow proceed without interruption or intervene by changing the task queue, pausing or resuming a job, or remaking a plate. Among other options.

Integration into your Workflow

There’s no need for extra investments. Apogee  DigitalPrint Link adapts to your established way of working, since it’s compatible with a wide range of processing components and resources such as your Normalizer, Renderer, ICC profiles, and fonts.

Apogee Network

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