Anapurna H3200

Print a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications in six colors plus white at speeds up to 130 m²/hour with this future-proof hybrid UV LED inkjet printer

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The latest generation Anapurna H3200 wide-format hybrid printer is designed for sign shops and digital printers looking for a combination of versatility, productivity, and excellent print quality.

Boasting a 3.2-meter print width, UV LED curing, and a six-color plus white ink set, this print engine is a perfect fit for a wide range of indoor and outdoor print applications. The enhanced print shuttle and redesigned print engine ensure high print quality and productivity, with continuous board feeding capacity amplifying overall production efficiency.


  • High speed — up to 66 m²/hour in Production Mode
  • Productivity enhanced even more by efficient continuous board feeding & multiple board printing
  • Robust industrial-engineered concept fit for sustained higher workloads
  • Swift-working and energy-efficient UV LED lamps that enable printing on heat-sensitive materials
  • GREENGUARD Gold-certified inks with wide color gamut and exceptional rendering of dark solid tones
  • Versatile printer that tackles a wide range of rigid and roll media
  • Pre-white, sandwich white and post-white in one run
  • Thin Ink Layer technology for the lowest ink consumption
  • Powered by Asanti workflow software

Efficient and productive

The Anapurna H3200 is built on a resilient industrial framework tailored for enduring heavy workloads. The print shuttle integrates fast-firing print heads, ensuring swift throughput that will enhance your print production across all substrates. The engine design allows for continuous board feeding, which drastically enhances efficiency and productivity when printing rigid materials. While one board is printing, the next one can already be loaded. Up to four boards can be printed simultaneously. The added advantage of borderless printing obviates or limits post-finishing needs.

Exceptional print quality

Benefiting from a reinforced belt and shuttle beam, the six-color plus white Anapurna H3200 hybrid printer achieves precise dot positioning, ensuring superior image quality, particularly noticeable in darker solids.

The print engine’s setup ensures vibrant solids, finely reproduced text down to 4 pt, excellent tonal rendering, and minimal ink consumption. Additionally, the white ink heads allow you to print white in multiple modes.

A wide range of applications

The Anapurna H3200 revolutionizes your business with unparalleled versatility across a spectrum of applications:

  • High-quality prints on uncoated rigid media such as exhibition panels, stage graphics and advertising boards, as well as on roll media like film, vinyl, banners, canvas, and coated textiles
  • UV LED lamps broaden the range of printable media to e.g. thin, heat-sensitive foils, as well as PET or microflute.
  • Niche products and applications in architectural and interior decoration
  • The white ink function lets you print on transparent materials for backlit applications, or use white as a spot color.


The printer guarantees smooth and precise media loading with automated functionalities embedded in the GUI, such as the media registration bar and head height adjustment. A vacuum system intelligently controlled across four zones maintains consistent vacuum levels throughout the printing process, whether printing on flexible or rigid materials. This ensures flawless media transport, consistently delivering precise print results.

Powerful air-cooled UV LED lights offer substantial energy savings and are well-suited for thermally sensitive materials, thanks to their low energy output. This makes them ideal for printing thin slides, self-adhesive sheets, or stretched PVC materials.

Single rolls can be up to 3.2 m wide, while in dual printing modes, rolls can be up to 1.52 m wide. Changing from single- to dual-roll printing and vice versa is fast.

Ionization bars mounted on the carriage remove electrostatic charges on the substrate, ensuring optimum ink droplet placement.

A set of shuttle safety sensors prevents print heads from touching the substrate and getting damaged.

The continuous board feeding capacity significantly enhances your productivity. This automated process is ideal for volume printing of boards, enabling the simultaneous printing of up to four boards. With the added advantage of borderless printing, post-finishing becomes unnecessary.

All printer settings are intuitively organized in a user-friendly graphic interface, accessible via a swivel-arm-mounted touch screen. The printer efficiently handles printed files through an internal bitmap server with a 1 TB hard drive dedicated to ripped images, ensuring rapid spooling and secure transfer of substantial data volumes.

Throughout production, the automatic ink refill system diligently monitors ink levels. The ink (re)filling system is easily accessible, ensuring a clean refill of ink containers. A fully separate system manages the white ink, overseeing circulation, under-pressure regulation, and cleaning. The white ink tank is equipped with a stirring mechanism, ensuring continuous mixing to maintain optimal ink consistency.

A reinforced beam ensures seamless movement of the print shuttle, guaranteeing accurate dot placement.

The printer is equipped with inflatable airshafts for unwinding and rewinding, complemented by a rewinding tension roller, ensuring flawless material tension and wrinkle-free prints. The carbon-made rear shaft is both lightweight for operator comfort and robust for consistent and efficient performance.

The Anapurna H3200 comes standard with an additional set of large media tables that can be coupled to the default smaller tables. This makes it possible to print on rigid materials up to a length of 3.2 m.

The safety hood covers the print belt and shutter, eliminating any potential risks of harm to operators.

Agfa-made inks: the perfect match

Specially formulated to print on rigid or flexible media, Agfa’s GREENGUARD Gold-certified UV LED inks broaden the scope of possible applications. This is what you can expect:

  • Wide color gamut
  • Versatility & reliability
  • Low ink consumption
  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Advanced white printing
  • Compliance with industry norms
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UV LED print technology

Equipped with UV LED lamps for the curing process, the Anapurna H3200 offer major advantages in terms of performance, costs, maintenance, the environment and the generation of extra business.

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Powered by Asanti workflow software

The Anapurna hybrid printers are driven by Agfa’s Asanti wide-format workflow software, which controls the entire printing process from prepress to production and finishing. As such, it simplifies, optimizes and automates as many steps as possible, offering you a high-performance solution for increased productivity.

Simplify & automate

Including the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine, Asanti takes care of preflighting and job conversion to guarantee smooth, error-free job handling and consistent print quality. In addition, the software streamlines your print operations through automatic job layout and positioning. It also gathers all artwork for a specific press and specific media, and optimally nests it on the print sheet or roll, taking copy count and bleed into account.

Asanti Workflow

Asanti guarantees consistent color reproduction through the creation and use of color profiles. Its patented Calibrated Print Mode (CPM) feature uses easy-to-set-up production templates that contain all parameters for a particular substrate and enable automatic job creation. It will only take you 15 minutes to calibrate and profile media, before you can enjoy hassle-free printing with optimal and consistent quality!

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As a cloud-based web-to-print solution that enables print buyers to place orders online 24/7, Asanti StoreFront will help you expand your customer base and increase your revenue in no time.

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World-class training and support, anywhere you need it

If you purchase an Agfa solution, your operators will get trained directly by Agfa’s global support team. Have a question or did you run into an issue? Our experienced service technicians and application experts throughout the globe are available when you need them.

Easy file sharing

The Anapurna printers integrate perfectly with PrintSphere, Agfa’s cloud-based service that offers a standardized way for production automation, easy file sharing and safe data storage.

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Print standardization

PrintTune, our comprehensive and unique print standardization software, guarantees color consistency and ensures that printing jobs meet in-house standards or commonly known color spaces from Fogra or IDEAlliance. Through objective measuring and powerful analytics, it helps lower media waste, increase efficiency, and improve communication between all stakeholders.

Technical Specs

Express Mode
Production Mode
Standard Mode
High Quality Mode
130 m²/h (1,399 ft²/h)
66 m²/h (710 ft²/h)
35 m²/h (377 ft²/h)
18 m²/h (194 ft²/h)
Rigid media
Maximum width 320 cm (10.5 ft)
316 cm (10.3 ft) with borderless printing
Maximum length Supported by 1 rigid roller table: 140 cm (4.59 ft)
Supported by 1 rigid roller table + media extension table (default): 320 cm (10.5 ft)
Minimum size A2 landscape (60 x 42 cm – 1.97 x 1.4 ft)
Thickness Minimum thickness: 1 mm (0.04”)
Maximum thickness: 45 mm (1.77”)
Maximum weight 10 kg/m² on printing table (22 lb)
Flexible media
Maximum width 320 cm (10.5 ft)
316 cm (10.3 ft) with borderless printing
Maximum length n/a – restricted by weight and diameter
Thickness Min. 0.2 mm (0.08”)
Maximum weight 0.31 kg (0.682 lb) per cm (0.4”) roll width, meaning 100 kg (220 lb) evenly distributed over the full 3.2 m (10.5 ft) width
Maximum roll outside diameter Support for 3” core-media rolls – maximum media roll diameter 30 cm (11.8”) (larger diameter up to 50 cm (19.7”) can be allowed within the distributed weight limitation, in case only print side OUT is used – both unwinder and winder)
Print heads Konica-Minolta heads
Inks CMYKLcLm + white
High-quality prints Up to 720 x 1400 dpi
Text quality Positive: 4 point / Negative: 6 point
Electricity 380 V 3-phase star connection with Neutral wire
(3 x 32 A) 50/60Hz230V 3-phase delta connection without Neutral wire
(3 x 32 A) 50/60 Hz
Compressed air Oil-free (class 1 according to ISO 8573-1 2010), 160 l/min compressor with 50 l barrel @6bar
Integrated production solution with Asanti workflow software. Third-party RIP integration possible.

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