ABS Screening

ECO3’s award-winning ABS technology is your assurance for printed image quality that stuns your customers and competition.
Agfa Balanced Screening

ABS is a PostScript-based conventional, halftone screening system that lifts up the quality of your prints. This includes 4096 shades of color to cover all screen frequencies up to 200 lpi, elimination of moiré patterns and maximum detail in highlights and shadows as well as smooth mid tones. Every Apogee workflow offers this ABS package.

Are you interested in halftone screens for flexography, conversion gravure and/or special offset printing applications? Enhance your software with the ABS Options Kit, also supported on non-ECO3 imagesetters and platesetters.


  • More professional results through the intelligent combination of digital techniques;
  • Reproduction of 4096 shades of color, for all screen frequencies up to 200 lpi;
  • Elimination of moiré patterns;
  • Flawless transitions between tonal gradations and minimal dot gain due to precise halftoning;
  • More lifelike reproduction of skin tones.


Smoothens Tonal Gradations and Tints

ABS upgrades the results of your existing press, providing smoother transitions for more professional results.

Eliminates Distortions

ABS provides balanced screening techniques, which create clear-centered rosettes. It also virtually eliminates moiré patterns.

Enhances Hard-to-print Colors

With ABS, even challenging colors like neutrals and skin tones are reproduced naturally, for more lifelike printing.

Dot Simulation

Proofing systems use ABS screening to simulate halftone dots for fool-proof proofing.


ABS, included as standard in your Apogee workflow, is designed for offset printing of up to 200 lpi at a resolution of 2400 dpi. It is also supported on non-ECO3 imagesetters and platesetters. Looking for more features? You can enhance your software with the ABS Options Kit, which includes useful tools specifically designed for flexography, conversion gravure and special offset printing applications.