A robust pre-heat-free, chem-free printing plate with outstanding performance for demanding commercial and packaging printing applications – based on patented ThermoLink technology.
Adamas offset printing plate

Expect supreme image quality, productivity and versatility with a minimal ecological footprint– discover Adamas, Agfa’s robust pre-heat-free, chem-free photopolymer printing plate.

Unique in its class, Adamas combines an image quality of 240 lpi Sublima, a run length of up to 350,000 revolutions with predictable, sharp dot reproduction and compatibility with most thermal platesetters on the market, as well as the Adamas clean-out unit.

A versatile diamond in the rough, this plate covers a wide range of applications in commercial and packaging printing (e.g. web and sheetfed printing, including conventional UV, and H-UV/LED-UV inks).


  • Patented ThermoLink technology provides robustness, high image quality and optimal press performance.
  • Run lengths of up to 350,000 copies (75,000 copies with UV inks)
  • Designed to cover an extensive range of demanding applications
  • Daylight safety with an imaging resolution of up to 240 lpi Sublima
  • Compatible with most thermal platesetters on the market
  • No ablation control required
  • High-sensitive, high-contrast, chem-free printing plate


Agfa is committed to sustainable innovation focused on ecology, economy, and extra convenience – or ECO³. We develop integrated solutions – consisting of hardware, consumables, software and services – that streamline your prepress and printing operations and make them cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to operate and maintain. All while guaranteeing superior and consistent print quality.

The result? More value for your entire business!

Create more value for your entire printing business


Thanks to its robustness, Adamas covers a wide range of demanding print applications – from heatset to commercial and packaging sheetfed UV printing.

heatset printing

Heatset applications:
magazines, catalogs, books, flyers, etc.

Commercial print

Sheetfed applications:
compatible with conventional and
low-power curing UV inks

Packaging printing

Packaging applications:
boxes, labels, wrappers, sleeves, etc


Razor-sharp results

Adamas provides photorealistic image quality up to 240 lpi Sublima screening, depending on your platesetter type. Its protective overcoat prevents oxidation and eliminates ablation, guaranteeing durability and low maintenance.

Productivity made simple

A highly-sensitive printing plate, Adamas is designed to handle print runs of up to 350,000 copies. It combines fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure with simple processing and robustness.

Robust and durable

Adamas allows for conventional and H-UV/LED-UV printing (with a run length of up to 75,000 revolutions) and can handle even abrasive substrates like boards. Its highlight dots are tough enough to offer a high-quality press performance even on the longest press runs.

Optimal convenience

While Adamas’ scratch-resistant surface allows for easy handling, its strong image contrast supports simple visual inspection and quality control, ensuring plates are mounted on press correctly and costly mistakes are prevented.

ECO³ innovation

Adamas is a prime example of our ECO³ philosophy, replacing chemicals with a pH neutral gumming solution, eliminating the need for rinse  water – especially when combined with the Adamas COU clean-out series. The result? Decreased waste production, less disposal costs and a safer work environment.

Patented ThermoLink technology

As a cutting-edge photopolymer plate, Adamas is based on Agfa’s patented ThermoLink technology. Thanks to the ThermoLink technology, the plate compounds are cross-linked without pre-heating, resulting in robustness, high image quality and optimal press performance. This swift polymerization process also ensures a predictable, sharp dot reproduction, making Adamas close to a linear plate.


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Technical Specs

Plate characteristics
Technology Chemistry-free ThermoLink technology
Substrate High-quality grained and anodized aluminum
Spectral sensitivity 830 nm thermal
Energy 90 mJ/cm²
Platesetter compatibility Accredited for most common 830 nm external drum platesetters
Image contrast Excellent. The plates can be measured with all available densitometers and plate readers.
Plate sizes All common plate sizes
Gauges 0.15-0.40 mm (0.006-0.016”)
Resolution Sublima 240 lpi at 2400 dpi
Applications Web, sheetfed UV and low-power UV inks
Run length Up to 350,000

Up to 75,000 in UV

Cleaning out
Developer none
Clean-out gum Adamas gum
Replenishment rate 50 ml/m²
Bath life 8,000 m² or 12 weeks
Finisher Unifin, RC795, Antura MAM1
Clean-out unit Adamas 85 COU, Adamas 125 COU and Adamas 150 COU
Light conditions Daylight
Room conditions (T, RH) 19-24 °C (64-75 °F), < 70% RH
Storage conditions Below 32 °C (90 °F), < 70% RH
Plate correction pen (for unbaked plates) Polymer deletion pen
Scratch remover Reviva Plate
Plate cleaner Standard: ANTURA CtP Plate Cleaner / UV: ANTURA UV PL CLEANER / Dual purpose gum: ANTURA CleanGum
Fountain solutions Sheetfed IPA free:  ANTURA fount AFS2 / Sheetfed IPA reduced:  Prima FS404AS / Sheetfed Conv.: RC661 , Prima FS605 (UV) / Small Offset : RC63 / Heatset: ANTURA fount HS PLUS / ANTURA IPA 100
Rehardener Standard: RC611 / For RO water: ANTURA water conditioner
Roller and blanket washes Standard: Xtrawash Plus 40 & 60 / UV: ANTURA UV74 wash / Heatset: ANTURA wash WEB / Rejuvenator: Reviverol Plus